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Your old caravan insurance is important

Some people get very sentimentally attached to their old caravan – even if it’s a little past its prime. On that basis, it may be worth remembering that however ancient it may be, old caravan insurance might still be important to you.

Old but still cherished

Of course, if your old caravan has deteriorated to the point whereby it is barely worth scrapping then perhaps you need to bite the bullet and dispose of it.

On the other hand, if it’s still in use then it might be something that you think of as vintage rather than past it!

In that scenario, if it is still in use and presumably equipped, it still constitutes a financial investment and asset for you.

Some key questions relating to insurance might be – would you be financially hurt if:

  • the caravan was stolen;
  • extensively vandalised or badly damaged in an accident;
  • broken into and contents / fittings stolen?

If the answer to any of those is positive, then old caravan insurance may be well worth continuing or taking out if it doesn’t already exist.

Legal liabilities

Of course, whether you think your caravan is worth insuring or not, isn’t the only consideration.

If you have a motorhome used or even just parked on a public road then the law may demand at the very least that you have third party liability protection.

If it’s a towed caravan, you may also have legal third-party liabilities in the event someone was injured by it in connection with their lawful duties. Given the size of some court awards following accidents, economising on your caravan insurance simply because the vehicle is old may not be a wise decision.

Cost of replacement

If you’ve had your existing caravan for many years, it may be all too easy to become a little blasé about it. It may be something that you take for granted and perhaps regard now as something that is approaching the end of its days – but have you looked at the cost of replacing it?

Few things are more guaranteed to focus our attention on the value of our assets then the realisation of just how much it would cost to replace them with a newer model.

Suddenly the cost of old caravan insurance to protect your vehicle may seem very reasonable indeed!


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