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Young Drivers Get Ripped Off By Insurers

When the teenage learns driving, the parents try to get their ward and vehicle protected by buying the suitable insurance cover. But the insurance policy for young drivers is costly so the parents prefer to add their teenage driver in their pre-existing parental auto insurance policy.

According to a research, around 86% of the young motorists pay huge premium despite being added on their parents’ auto insurance policy. The learner or young drivers are ripped off by the insurers while adding them to the auto insurance policy of their parents.

The expensive insurance cover encourages the young drivers to remain uninsured. The number of young uninsured drivers is increasing in the country with around 30,000 young motorists driving illegally. The horrific statistics for road safety are also pointing towards the risky driving by uninsured drivers that result in accident or car damage.

The young drivers learn driving from the professional driving instructor but do not go for any other learning tuition. But the British Driving Standards recommends at least 22 hours of driving tuition along with professional instruction to fine tune their driving skills. The new inexperienced drivers know basics of driving but with more tuition they will learn how to avoid accidents and take wise decisions in heavy traffic and inconvenient driving situations.

The British public is suffering due to uninsured drivers as it has made the road unsafe for other drivers. In the event of accident the honest car insurance driver has to bear all the expense and also further hike in premium. The public favours making penalties harsher to teach lesson to the uninsured drivers.

But the strict fine is not the solution of this problem as the uninsured drivers still remain uncovered and drive the vehicle quite risky. The uninsured drivers can shop around and search for affordable insurance cover. You can compare the insurance quotes and get the needed cover from the provider.

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