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Which caravan insurance is suitable?

Trying to decide which caravan insurance is suitable for you may not always be that easy.

The generics

A typical caravan insurance policy consists of four main components:

  • the cover it provides (and by definition, the cover it doesn’t provide);
  • the premium it charges;
  • its conditions, terms and exclusions;
  • its flexibility in terms of being able to offer you customisation – i.e. things you can do to reduce the price through discounts etc.

To really understand which caravan insurance may be suitable, it’s necessary to grasp all of these components as the insurance provider describes them.

Insurance products

A caravan insurance policy is typically tailored for a given type of caravan, be it a static, tourer, motorhome or trailer-tent etc.

Many policies are today sold online through specialist caravan insurance providers.

Their sites typically give an overview of the product and also a detailed description, which covers many of the points outlined above.

If, for example, you’re wondering what discounts may be available for members of a caravan club, it will typically be outlined in the policy detail description.

It may be important to study such opportunities closely because you may be able to reduce the headline cost figure by taking advantage of such things.

Balancing cost versus cover

Although this may sound relatively easy, a little preparatory work may make it even more so.

For example, some policies may have a range of options relating to taking your caravan overseas on holiday. It may be difficult to balance those options off against the overall premium unless you have a fairly good idea of:

  • whether or not you’re planning to take the caravan overseas in the next year;
  • if yes, how many times and for how long;
  • your anticipated mileage outside of the UK;
  • where you are going to (e.g. EU or non-EU etc).

All these things may make a considerable difference to the suitability or otherwise of a policy.

Taking your time

Taking your time to decide which caravan insurance is right for you may prove very sensible in the longer term!


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