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What is park home caravan insurance?

Park home caravan insurance is a form of insurance protection that applies to a special category of non-traditional dwelling.

If that sounds to be something of a clumsy definition, let’s explain why.

Static caravans and park homes

A static caravan typically conforms to certain expectations in terms of its insurance characteristics:

  • even if it has wheels and is theoretically mobile, it is typically semi-permanently secured and anchored at a single site;
  • it is used by the owners or their guests for a few weeks or months per year as a holiday home or weekend retreat etc.

A park home is typically quite different:

  • it is sited on a registered and council approved park home site;
  • it may be specially constructed and designated as a park home and typically can’t be seen as being mobile;
  • you inhabit it as your normal and permanent place of residence.

Why is this distinction important and lead to the need for specific park home caravan insurance?


Of course, some static caravans are equipped to very high standard in terms of their fixtures and fittings. They are often fondly regarded as a sort of home away from home.

However, in the case of park homes, they are your home! What that means is that typically they’ll have a higher level of furnishing and fixtures and they may well also contain rather more by way of valuable personal property and equipment than a typical static caravan would.

Therefore, insurance providers typically like to ensure that you are appropriately covered by a specific park home insurance policy.


The obvious implication of this is that static caravan insurance won’t suffice if you are living in a park home – and it may pay not to confuse the two!

Your insurance provider will typically be only too happy to clarify the differences for you if you have any doubts when looking for static or park home caravan insurance.

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