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Travel to Remote Areas

When taking part in an expedition, a trek or a voluntary project in a remote area you need to consider a few extra safety precautions. Make sure you are well prepared for your trip by finding out about the climate, the environment you’ll be travelling in, and what immunizations you need.

Find out where to access your nearest medical support. You may have an expedition nurse traveling with you if you are taking part in an organized expedition, but if you are traveling independently you should know the location of your nearest doctor. Make sure you know first aid before you travel and what to do in an emergency, and take a first aid kit.

Here more than anywhere is where you need to purchase international travel insurance. While accidents can happen in developed cities and remote areas, you need the protection of good quality travel insurance when you travel off the beaten track.

Of course, it’s better to prevent medical problems happening than patch things up when they go wrong. Have a comprehensive medical and dental check-up before you leave. Make sure you are fit and healthy by eating well and exercising in training for your trip.

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