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Tourer Insurance

Owning a tourer caravan gives you the chance to set off on your next holiday at a moment’s notice, giving you the ultimate freedom. The only problem is that these vehicles can also be incredibly appealing to thieves, and because they can quickly and easily be towed away there’s not much stopping them from doing so. Unless, of course, you have the appropriate security features in place. Better yet, these will not only help prevent the theft of your caravan, but will also help in securing you adequate and cost-effective tourer insurance.

One such security device that you should consider is a tracker. A tracker is unlike a lot of other devices in that it can’t so easily be bypassed by thieves as wheel locks and clamps sometimes can be, and as such gives you added peace of mind that your caravan will be secure. It’s an electronic device that can alert you when your caravan is stolen, and can give you its exact location allowing you to track it down with ease. It also acts as a great deterrent to thieves, making it less likely to be stolen in the first place.

Trackers are one of the best ways that you can protect your interests, because even if your precious caravan is stolen it severely increases its chances of being found and the thieves brought to justice. A lot even connect directly to your mobile phone, alerting you as soon as anything untoward occurs. It’s such an effective device that a lot of insurers offer generous discounts if you have a tracker in your possession, with some offering as much as 30% off the regular price of the policy.

Of course, there are always plenty of other security features that you could have in place such as hitch locks and wheel clamps, and it’s wise to have as many as you can to reduce the likelihood of theft occurring. The more you have the harder it will be for thieves to have access to your vehicle, meaning that your tourer insurance premiums will reduce as a result.

So, it’s always worth having a tracker device in your possession to reduce the possibility that someone steals your precious caravan. Although they can sometimes be expensive the outlay is sure to pay off, if only for the added peace of mind, and when you consider that having one can significantly reduce your tourer insurance premiums you really can’t go wrong.


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