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Top 10 Cheapest Cars to Insure

Purchasing a new car often includes important decisions like what color to buy, the interest rate, how much horsepower and which options to include.  However, factoring in insurance costs can be a smart consumer decision.  Insurance is a monthly expense for automobile owners and getting cheap car insurance can help alleviate some of the financial considerations.  The top ten cheapest cars to insure are here and are among some of the safest cars available.

Top Cheapest Cars to Insure

Top Cheapest SUVs, Trucks and Minivans to Insure

If you aren’t in the market for a sedan and need to cart around the family in a minivan, the Chrysler Town & Country is a top pick for insurance companies.  This roomy option will not only take seven people comfortable from the store to a road trip, it is also the top cheapest car to insure today.  Need a workhorse truck?  The GMC Sierra Pick-up and the Ford F-Series Pick-up also make the grade with insurance companies.  The list is rounded out with the Ford Econoline Club Wagon and the Toyota RAV 4 SUV.

Most Expensive Cars to Insure

If you can’t resist a luxury car that exudes power and status though, there are several cars that will bring the highest insurance policy premiums available.  Some of these include the Lexus IS 300, the Land Rover Discover Series II, the BMW X5 and the Mercedes SLK Class.  Surprisingly the Toyota 4-Runner and the Mitsubishi Montero also are included on this list.  Be sure to be prepared to pay a higher insurance payment every month in addition to higher car payments if one of these cars is on your list of future vehicles.

One of the Best Cheap Cars to Insure

While not a top ten cheapest car to insure, it is important to remember that a used car will have a lower insurance cost than a new one of the same model.  If the cost of the insurance premium is a factor in your decision, consider purchasing a used car.  An additional benefit of used cars is they have already depreciated and they cost less than a new vehicle.  They also frequently have extended warranties to give piece of mind if something goes wrong.

Insurance companies factor in vehicle cost and the types of vehicles that are least likely to be involved in an accident when determining automobile insurance premiums.  Insurance premiums can be costly.  By considering the cost of the insurance, vehicle owners could save thousands over the life of the car.  There are many different types of cars available for different drivers that give the cheapest car insurance rates.

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