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Things to Remember When Applying for Car Accident Insurance

The moment you buy a car, first thing to think about is not getting a new set of mufflers, rims or spoilers. Think first of getting insurance because that may be the best thing you can get for your car at the moment. There is no limit to benefits you get from availing of a car accident insurance early on.

You have decided to get covered by an indemnity policy; first thing to do is to look for a reputable insurance provider. Normally, a car dealer will attempt to sell you insurance, whether for a profit or not. This is also trustworthy since no self-respecting dealer will attempt to sell a bogus policy from an unreliable source. Plus, you can always assert your rights against him should things go wrong in the future. Try not to get covered from agents. Go to the source. Although agents represent car accident insurance providers, they tend to exaggerate just to get you to sign. It is still best to deal with the company itself. Besides, they are more patient and honest in telling you all the details.

Once you are already in conference with a provider, do not withhold any material information or relay any information that is false. Doing so will entitle the company to deny your claim and there is nothing you can do about it. Worse, a company may cancel the contract and keep a substantial portion of premiums paid. Just answer the questions being thrown at you with clear and concise statements. Do not exaggerate. If asked about an opinion, feel free to decline from giving an answer. They cannot demand you to give one since an opinion is never material. Besides, they also cannot use information based on an opinion to deny your claim later on.

When your coverage has been approved, always ask for the policy. Usually, you do not get your policy right there and then. It will be delivered in the mail. However you may demand for a cover slip, which is actually a temporary policy which is evidence of your car accident insurance coverage. Keep this document in a safe and secure place.

You can also make arrangements with the company for payment of premiums for your car accident insurance. There is a schedule of payments to be made although there is nothing that prohibits you from negotiating for a more convenient schedule. Just remember all these things and you should be fine. Always read all provisions – especially the fine print – so you will fully understand the terms and conditions of your coverage.

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