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The Top 5 Pickups that are Cheap to Insure

Whoever is looking for a truck that is cheap to insure will need to understand that it will have to be a small style model. Pickups are generally costly to insure in the full size range because of the repair costs. At one time there were full size and compact size trucks. However, most manufacturers are now building a mid-size vehicle that has the ability to perform as a truck but with a little less capacity. Here are the low insurance premium winners as rated by the industry.

#5 Chevrolet Colorado

The manufacturers suggested starting price for the Colorado is $17,045, and its small engine sports 25 mpg on the highway. This is the best of any mid size truck with a crew cab. The Colorado is also available in standard cab and extended cab versions. The vortec engine also comes in a 5-cylinder and a V-8. Insurance rating is based on the standard body style and 4-cylinder engine.

#4 GMC Canyon

This is the brother of the Chevrolet Colorado and has the same starting price for the standard cab, and mileage is about on par with the Colorado, too. The same three motor and body styles are offered as on the Colorado. This good-looking truck has suffered from power problems, which has given it a setback from some of the other trucks on the cheap to insure list. Other than low insurance premiums, this truck is not highly regarded.

#3 Mazda B Series Truck

Since 1994, Mazda trucks have been built by Ford, so the Mazda B Series is basically a Ranger with a different shell. Mazda has never attempted to escape from the definition of the compact pickup, and that is why it is number three on the list of cheap to insure trucks. It comes with a standard 5-speed transmission with a 4-cylinder motor. The biggest thing that this pickup offers is dependability.

#2 Ford Ranger

Not to change a winning formula, the Ranger has stayed with the same fundamental product design since 1983 with the exceptions of some cosmetic changes in the 1990s. The starting price for this solid compact is $18,050 for the 4-cylinder and standard cab. A 4.0 liter V-6 is one option, and the extended cab is a popular addition. Many customers appreciate the consistency of the Rangers design and performance.

#1 Suzuki Equator

The cheap to insure winner in the small truck line is the Equator, which features two body styles, the extended and the crew cab. This is considered a clone of the Nissan Frontier and it is not a compact pickup. With the optional V-6 motor, the Equator has enough power to handle jobs bigger than a typical compact. This truck is short on bells and whistles but offers a 7-year/100,000 mile warranty.

The vehicles listed here are not heavy-duty pickup trucks and are more suited for hauling small payloads, but they are cheap to insure, and that amounts to money savings for someone who doesnt need or want a full size pickup. All these vehicles offer dependable service, too, which is an additional reason to consider ownership.

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