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AAA Auto Insurance

Most everyone has heard of AAA, and the name is typically associated with roadside assistance and travel guides. They are a major player in the auto insurance industry as well. If you want to compare auto insurance quotes, you definitely want to solicit a quote from AAA Auto Insurance in your quest for cheap car insurance.

What is AAA?

AAA, or the American Auto Association, was founded in 1902 and is an organization of automobile clubs that has membership in the thousands all over the world. AAA offers various services to its members including roadside assistance, travel planning, discounts on various products and services, and insurance.

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Glossary of Auto Insurance Terms – Part 1

For those who do not work in the auto insurance arena, it can be overwhelming to attempt to make heads or tails of the industry terms and policy jargon and what it all means. However, it isn’t that the terminology is overly complicated: it is just that people who are not involved in the business professionally might benefit from a primer on auto insurance terms in order to better understand insurance policies and quotes.

Liability Insurance

In the event of an accident, you may be held as legally accountable, or “liable,” for any property damages (PD) or bodily injuries (BI) that occur to the other party; these damages can be charged to your basic liability insurance. Liabi

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Wisconsin Bill Adjusts Mandated Auto Insurance Rules

The Senate and House of Representatives in Wisconsin have approved a bill that would adjust a previous mandate for auto insurance premiums in the state. The bill serves as a reversal to a law that raised premiums and insurance rates for some drivers.

Bill Lowers State’s Liability Coverage Requirements

In 2009, a law was signed that raised the limits on the minimum amount of coverage people had to have. P

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How To Choose Auto Insurance Fast

To be secure at all times is the highest priority of all people. We need to be secure not only in periods of just staying at home, but safety while driving is also necessary. That is why there are different car insurance online companies out there who are willing to offer their services to drivers.

Although buying a new car, it is normal that auto insurance is already included for a limited period. After this period, it is the discretion of the owner of the car if he or she wants to go and pay monthly bills or stop paying for it. Certainly, there is no possibility that the owner of the car would drive without auto insurance. Read more…

How to Find the Best Auto Insurance Quote

You might think that the best way to get an affordable auto insurance quote is to talk to your friends and see who is paying the least, but that is not always the case. For the most part, there is not really one company that, across the board, is less expensive than all the others. Much of what you pay for your car insurance is based on a complex algorithm of factors, some of which we have no control over.

When you get an auto insurance quote, the company is basing your premium on your age, your gender, your car, your driving record, where you live and even your credit score.

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Auto Insurance Showdown: State Farm, Progressive, Liberty Mutual & Nationwide

One of the most important steps in obtaining auto insurance is thoroughly researching and comparing your options. After all, there are thousands of companies out there and they certainly don’t all offer the same level of protection, service and affordability. Of course, comparison shopping isn’t so much fun when it’s for insurance and you’ve probably been putting it off or considering skipping it all together. Don’t! We’ve done the hard work for you and provided a comparison of three top auto insurance companies:

Car Insurance Comparison Points

So what are you supposed to compare when looking at various car insurance companies? Obviously,

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State Farm Teaches Auto Insurance Rules with Popular Facebook Game

State Farm has launched a six-month campaign aimed at young, inexperienced drivers that teaches the rules of auto insurance within a Facebook game. Car Town, an already popular game on Facebook, is now offering embedded ads sponsored by State Farm that teach the rules of both the road and auto insurance.

Have Fun Learning about Auto Insurance

There’s no doubt sitting down with your teens and trying to teach them the rules of the road and auto insurance is bound to bore them to death. A

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Is Paying for Auto Insurance Extras Worth the Added Cost?

If you’ve ever purchased your own auto insurance policy then you already know that there are tons of extras that companies try to sell you in addition to your standard liability coverage. Most of the extras are actually very beneficial to drivers but can be purchased from other places.

So then the question is, should you purchase supplemental auto coverage from your insurer or a third party? To help you decide, let’s take a look at whether getting the extras with auto insurance is actually worth it.

Typical Auto Insurance Coverage Options

There are typical auto insurance coverage options that you could expect to receive from any company. The

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