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Report: Campaign to promote safe driving habits around motorcyclists underway in Texas

A campaign to decrease the number of motorcycle fatalities in Texas used group rides, memorials to bikers killed in accidents, and numerous other methods to promote safe driving habits, according to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.Deborah Turnbow, a motorcyclist and one of the organizers of the See Us, Save Us campaign, told the paper “going into town is extremely dangerous and scary,” given the hazards posed by inattentive car drivers and general traffic.Turnbow and another campaign organizer, Deanna Jandrew, told the Avalanche-Journal their mission was to get drivers to pay closer attention to motorcyclists on the road. A lack of awareness could prove fatal, particularly in the case of the bikers, who are more likely to be killed in a collision than the driver of a car.Such safety awareness efforts could prove critical as motorcycle use grows world-wide. Recent studies have shown more two-wheeled vehicles on the road than ever.

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