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Park Home Caravan Insurance Quotes

If you’re looking for a holiday home to give you a much-needed break, you could well be considering the benefits of a static caravan or park home. But, there’s often some confusion between the two, with many people thinking that the names are interchangeable. In fact there are some distinct differences between each of them, and that’s always going to have an impact on the insurance implications.

A static caravan is exactly as it sounds – a caravan that doesn’t normally move once it’s been correctly positioned. It usually finds its home on a caravan site, often being used as a holiday home and rented out when you’re not personally using it. A park home, on the other hand, is slightly different. It’s made to look more like a proper home, usually having similarities to many modern bungalows, and is often seen as a permanent residence instead of simply being a place for holidays.

As such, the insurance implications are markedly different. You’ll want to get fully comprehensive park home caravan insurance much like you would for a regular home, and you’ll usually have to pay council tax and other necessary fees. Such homes often cost more and are generally made to a higher specification, and you’ll usually find them on a designated park home site that’s more like a regular neighbourhood community.

As you can see, there really are some marked differences between park homes and static caravans. One is seen purely as a holiday home (and you’re usually limited to only staying on-site for a certain number of days) while the other is more like a usual residence, and the insurance and other obligations differ accordingly. If you’re thinking of investing in a park home as either a permanent residence or a second/holiday home, make sure to invest in comprehensive park home caravan insurance and you can be confident that everything is fully protected.


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