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Over 80s Struggle For Cheap Car Insurance

A recent investigation into the availability for cheap car insurance for the elderly has revealed shocking, and also frankly disgusting, results. Age Concern and Help The Aged commissioned the research and found that the majority of drivers over the age of 80 could not get an insurance policy to cover them at all, with the majority over 65 having serious problems getting policies with low enough premiums to fit into their budget.

This is an absolute disgrace, especially when you realise that some of the cheap car insurance refusals for the elderly come from some of the largest insurance providers in the UK. Now that this discrimination has been revealed then there may be some changes within the cheap car insurance industry, especially given that it means some will be restricted in terms of what they can do with their lives. Everyone deserves a chance to be insured regardless of age, unless healt problems get in the way, so spread the word.

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