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Online Auto Insurance Quotes Needing Less Information

As online auto insurance quotes are getting more popular so are the concerns over giving personal information over the internet in order to shop around.  According to the article “No Personal Information Needed For Online Auto Insurance Quotes” by John Pirro found on, auto insurance companies are recognizing these concerns and are making the process easier.

Many insurers allow online quotes without sensitive personal information such as a social security number or driver’s license number.  It’s important for consumers to understand though that the less information they share, the more of an “estimate” the quote really is.  A quote is no guarantee since most insurers use driving records and credit information in calculating auto insurance rates.

It can be beneficial to use certain websites where you only have to enter in your information once and the site will generate numerous quotes for you.  Limiting the amount of times you enter in your personal information can be helpful in keeping it safe.  Visit to learn more about obtaining online auto insurance quotes.

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