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Today’s News: New Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions to Begin, Florida Auto Insurance Fraud Skyrockets and Gov’t Long-Term Care Program Already Doomed

Some relief may be on the way for those who suffer from preexisting conditions as the government has set up a new health insurance program that is to begin soon. In Florida, auto insurance fraud via intentional crashes has skyrocketed and the government plans to start a new program for those in need of long-term care, but there is a major glitch that could force its failure before it even begins.

New Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions to Begin

A new health insurance program is being launched by the Obama administration that will help Americans who are currently uninsured and also have pre-existing medical problems. The program, also known as the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, will offer lower-cost insurance coverage to those who have trouble getting insurance elsewhere. It will begin accepting applications as soon as July 1 and start offering coverage as early as Aug. 1. Some think the coverage costs could still be a bit of a stretch for many individuals and families, but will still be worth a try. Those who are interested should visit for more information (Associated Press).

Intentional Crashes Cause Florida’s Auto Insurance Fraud Cases to Skyrocket

Auto insurance fraud where a policyholder crashes his or her car just to generate medical claims is on the rise in Florida, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). The industry group acknowledges that staged accidents surged by 58 percent to 1,999 in 2009. Among the cities with the highest number of intentional crashes was Tampa with the highest number sitting at 487. According to the group, the economic slump contributes most to the significant increase in fraudulent accidents (Business Week).

Governmentt Long-Term Care Program Already Doomed

A new program is being offered by the federal government to provide insurance assistance to those in need of long-term care. The program is needed as the costs of long-term care continue to skyrocket. However, the Community Living Assistance Services and Support (CLASS) Act, which will offer adults with severe physical or cognitive limitations receive anywhere from $50 to $75 a day to help pay for services, won’t be getting its start until 2017. Many think the program could be successful when it actually starts, but in the meantime, tons of seniors could suffer major financial setbacks trying to pay for care on their own (Delaware Online).

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