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Multi-Trip Insurance For When Your Children Move Abroad

It happens to every parent – your children grow up, get educated and fly the nest. Some fly further than others. If your son or daughter is starting a new life abroad, for a short time or much longer, you’ll no doubt have mixed emotions – happiness for them to be doing something so exciting alongside the feeling of how much you miss them.

Look on the bright side – you now have a place to stay in a new country, and you can start to plan your visits to an exotic destination. With multi-trip insurance you’ve got the practicalities of health provision covered. Annual multi-trip insurance ensures you’re covered for medical treatment and medical emergency abroad no matter how many times you call in on your children.

Your multi-trip travel insurance also handles the logistics of losing luggage, or having a camera or bag stolen when you’re sightseeing. You can choose extra trip cancellation coverage for added peace of mind.

Coverage under an annual multi-trip insurance plan is good for one year and looks after you for any number of individual trips that don’t exceed 90 days. Even if they’re far away, you can still enjoy quality time with your children with frequent visits, without worrying about your travel insurance.

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