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Mississippi Now Trying to Implement New Bill Regarding Uninsured Drivers

When people buy a car they often do not have a car insurance policy in place before the purchase is complete. In the state of Mississippi, Governor Haley Barbour needs to review the new House bill regarding car insurance. The name of the bill is House Bill 620. It has already been passed by the state’s legislature. What the bill does is require drivers to get car insurance coverage. If they do not then the tax clerk will not give them a car tag.

A car tag is very important to people because every year a person needs to register their vehicle. If their car does not become registered then people will face fines for non-compliance.  The police now will be able to monitor people to make sure that they always have car insurance coverage on their vehicles because of the tax tags that are being issued. This is great for the police department because it is so hard to know if someone actually legitimately has car insurance.

Currently, there is not a thorough database that allows law enforcement officers to instantly access the car insurance information on a motor vehicle. This is why police officers still ask for license, registration, and proof of insurance most of the time when they make their routine traffic stops. However,

Representative Hank Zuber of Ocean Springs, and Senator Billy Hewes III of Gulfport, were the two main supporters of the bill. Both are Republican legislators. The bill passed the Senate in a final tally of 115 for it and seven against it. It seems as though many state legislators feel that this bill is better than the previous ones that were brought to their attention in previous legislation sessions.

It seems as though car insurance laws are changing all the time. Many states have needed to implement new laws because many drivers avoid following them. Most states have mandatory car insurance laws now but they cannot get people to follow them. This has lead to big issues in states where many drivers are going uninsured and causing huge expenses for drivers that they get into car accidents with.

Being involved in a car accident with an uninsured driver can be financially problematic for a person who is insured and has done the right thing. These individuals are often left with unpaid medical bills when they are involved in a car accident. It is unfair so something needs to be done in states such as Mississippi. The states are cracking down where many car insurance loopholes are considered. This bill is actually a very good idea for the state of Mississippi.

When people go to get a tax age they must show that they are insured. This helps to make it harder for people to go without car insurance coverage for long. The tag will also allow police officers to see how people drive. Many people have bad driving habits. The new law has not been officially passed yet by the Governor. Most people expect him to pass the bill. This would then make the bill take effect on July 1, 2020.

The bill would take a while to be fully enacted because by law it would need to be tested out for at least six months. The measure is a solid one that the state could truly benefit from so hopefully Democrats and Republicans will continue to throw their support behind the bill because it has many benefits and will make the state a much better and safer place for drivers.

Source: Daily Rosetta

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