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MA Attorney General on Auto Insurance System

According to the article “AG Finds Herself on 2 Sides of a Dispute” by Bruce Mohl on, the Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is defending something she criticized not too long ago.  She is the state’s top lawyer and is defending Governor Patrick’s Administration against a lawsuit that’s saying some of the state’s auto insurance rules unfairly favor national companies coming to the MA market, such as Progressive Auto Insurance. There has also been some criticism of the way Massachusetts auto insurance quotes are determined.

The interesting thing is that this same attorney general has been known to criticize the same regulations.  She has been a representative of consumers on auto insurance debates and released a report just before the holidays that stated her belief that the managed competition auto insurance system is not saving MA drivers money.  She also accused Governor Patrick of playing favorites when determining auto insurance rules.

She basically argued in court that state officials are acting reasonably in making the auto insurance rules, but just weeks ago accuses them of playing favorites. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if her two-sided judgement affects her defense.

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