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Is it possible to fix your garage door yourself?

Sometimes you have a really terrible day when everything that can go wrong will go wrong and at the worst time possible. For example, you son has problems at school, your wife called you twice, because you are late to the dinner. Your mind was on your problems while you were driving home and you almost cause an accident. Finally, you drove in your driveway and pressed the remote garage door opener. The door did not open. Of course, you groan. The last thing you need now is a bill for repairing garage doors. If you have your own house, you’ve probably experienced Murphy’s Law more than once. Well, maybe you do not need to call the repairman. Even if you are not at hand, the problem may be simple enough that you can repair garage door yourself.

First, go to your wall control unit. Usually, the wall control unit is located next to the garage door, or beside the door leading to the house. You can find it because it is about four inches square with three buttons. The big button is the one that is made for opening and closing the door.

The second button is the lock button. It is possible that someone pressed the lock button by accident. If this happens, the light flashes. This indicates that the lock has been activated, and prevents the door opening. Everything you need to do is hold down the lock button until the light stops flashing. Your garage door opens and closes now.

If the lock is not the source of the problem, you may need to change the battery in the remote. It’s almost as easy as holding down the lock button. Locate the small opening on the side of the remote. Insert a screwdriver into the opening and gently lift the lid, then replace the batteries. Would not it be wonderful if all the other issues that were going wrong day could be as easy as garage door repair issues to solve?

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