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How to Save on your New York Car Insurance

So you’ve figured out which auto insurance company provides you with the best for your buck, you’ve bought a car that has a high safety rating, and you’ve enrolled to the company’s various discount promos. So why is money still tight? Taking a point and insurance reduction course will give you even more savings on your New York car insurance. With this program you can also remove points from your record after a certain period of time. Most important, you will get the mandatory 10% off by taking such a course.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions

Things You’ll Need:

  • Find a NY DMV approved defensive driving course
  • Certificate of Completion for your Insurance Agent
  • Contact Your Insurance Agent to Process Discount
  1. Step 1  

    Look for a course that is convenient for you and is NY DMV-approved to qualify for the discount on your insurance. Also, finding one that fits your lifestyle/schedule is the way to go. Find one that offers an online version of the course and take that one if you’re too busy to attend a classroom session.

  2. Step 2  

    Sign-up for the defensive driving course. It’s simple — you may have heard of a PIRP or i-PIRP — both are the same, Point and Insurance Reduction Program, the latter referring to the internet course, should you choose it.

  3. Step 3  

    Third step is going through the course. May it be in the classroom, or online, the course will be 5-6 hours long. Attending the Saturday courses may give you that classroom feeling, but taking it online is painless. With an unlimited number of logins, you may learn at your own pace by taking the course how you want it — an hour a day? No problem. Two hours a day? Why not? You decide.

  4. Step 4  

    Getting your certificate and presenting it to your insurance company/agent. Upon completion of the course, you will be given a certificate as proof that you completed the defensive driving course. By presenting the certificate to your insurance company within 90 days, the effects of the New York car insurance discount will take effect immediately, and you’ll be saving a lot of money — all for 6 hours of your time.

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