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How to Save Money on Car Insurance by Switching to GEICO

  • Step 1

    For some customers, GEICO can offer very cheap auto insurance. Like with most major insurers, free online car insurance quotes are given at their website, or over the phone. Although no single insurance agency can guarantee offering the lowest car insurance premiums to all individuals, GEICO is certainly among the companies that offers the lowest rates. To find out how to save money by switching to GEICO, start first by going online or giving them a call to get a free quote.

  • Step 2

    After receiving a basic quote, figure out what makes the best policy for you. Depending on each person’s individual driving record, vehicle, and place of residence, some certain types of car insurance coverage are likely less necessary than others. Rates for certain types of insurance can vary from place to place as well. For instance, comprehensive auto insurance, which covers various damages including so called “Acts of God,” including water damage because of flooding, hail damage, damage from falling trees, as well as theft is often more expensive in places with frequent inclement weather and in places where theft is common. Try out quotes that offer different types of coverage to see how much optional extra insurances (like comprehensive, and collision) are. Liability auto insurance is the only mandatory type of coverage in most places, but for some, it may be worth having extra, optional coverages. However, for others, particularly those with older, low valued cars, comprehensive and collision coverage are likely not worth their costs. Decide what is the best policy.

  • Step 3

    Next, compare quotes with competitors of GEICO to find out which agency will save you the most on car insurance. Request insurance quotes online that include additional coverages, and see if their costs differ from company to company. Once you have come up with the best policy idea that includes all of the types coverages that you desire, try that exact policy to get quotes from various companies to find out which has the best price. Although GEICO may not offer you the best premiums, for many people, it saves them a lot each month.

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