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How to Save 50-60% on Inexpensive Car Insurance

  • Step 1

    Let the professionals find you the find the lowest auto insurance rates: In the old days and even today, Insurance companies would try to convince you that their companies’ basic liability policy is in fact the lowest legal liability you need to carry on your car. And forget about getting automatic discounts; most agents are not ready to help you find the cheapest car insurance voluntarily if it will cut into their profit margin. Let an on-line service do the research for you.

  • Step 2

    Don’t share your private information over the phone: It takes less time and is more secure to send your information on-line to one service instead of repeating your information to each company you are attempting to research. Trying to contact several different companies to find inexpensive car insurance yourself will take up most of your day.

  • Step 3

    Get multiple quotes form one service provider: Even if you’re not looking for a basic policy there are still ways to get inexpensive car insurance if you know your insurance needs or how to play the information game with multiple carriers. You can easily find savings of up to 50% by getting multiple quotes from quality insurance carriers like Liberty Mutual, Farmers insurance and even GMAC. Finding inexpensive car insurance will help you from paying the hundreds of extra dollars you’ve been wasting all these years.

  • Step 4

    Get your questions answered by professionals: Understanding the different policies available and the deductible rates can be confusing for anyone. The on-line service will be able to answer your insurance questions so you understand the policy you are about to purchase. With professional assistance and the right information you can find dirt cheap auto insurance.

  • Step 5

    Get individual policies for your college kids: Perhaps your auto is old and it’s time to pass it on to one of your kids to drive while they are off at college. Or you recently bought a new car for your daughter and this car is the only thing she has ever owned that is brand new. Whatever your situation finding the lowest auto insurance rates is longer a mystery.

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