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How to get auto insurance for police cars

If you are a police officer and work at a police force. You would want to get your special auto insurance for police officers. Although, all the police cars are insured by the police department while the police officers are on duty in their cars. Most police area is not valid when the police officers are not on duty. The minute the police officers get off from work and get home, the police cars are not insured.

If there is any accident or damages to the car, the insurance will not have to pay for the damages. The police officers most decide to get additional insurance to cover themselves and the car while they are not on duty.

While the car will need insurance for a brief period of time and most often the police officers will only need to drive the car to or back from work. Therefore, the cost of the insurance coverage should be relatively low. Keep in mind if other occupants such as family members will also be on the police car, the officer will also need another kind of insurance to protect not only themselves, the car, but also other occupants in the car.

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