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How to Get Affordable Deals on Car Insurance for Students

Money is always a matter for students and when it comes to car insurance, every student seeks for affordable coverage. Although they make a 7% share in car insurance market, students are entitled to pay 22% of the premiums in UK. It is hard to get cheaper car insurance for students as they are believed to be a part of the group posing higher risks. It is stated by the association in Britain that 18 years old involves in three times higher number of accidents than those in their 50s concluding to the fact that the crime rate among the students is higher.

There is a tendency among the students to seek the cheapest car insurance policies, no matter what coverage of risks it is providing. However, the ideal way is to get the best student car insurance policy that facilitates the best coverage. If you want to insure an inexpensive car, you can get the third party insurance and theft cover so that you do not have to borne the cost even ore than your car’s price.

Whereas there are some points, you can consider to cut the cost of your car insurance. Always try to buy a small car with light engine and least modifications. Install security alarms and immobilizers in your car and park it in a well-lit area or garage. Travel short distances to maintain the mileage of the car. There is a Pass Plus course that allows the drivers to get a discount of more than 10% in the first year of insurance. Complete this course just after the driving test.

It is always a wiser option to visit car insurance supermarket. You can collect quotes from different insurers for your car. Compare car insurance and select the best option for your car. A perfect evaluation of various policies can help you choose the appropriate option.

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