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How To Compare Trip Cancellation

Travel insurance plans normally include coverage for trip cancellation.  This reimburses for travel expenses that are not refunded if the trip is cancelled for a covered reason.  The amount of coverage can be determined by the traveler when getting a travel insurance quote and that amount will affect the premium cost.

A majority of trip cancellation claims are for the same covered reason.  That is, a sickness, injury or death of a traveler or family member.  This is the most common language in trip cancellation coverage for almost all travel insurance products.

The other covered reasons are what can distinguish one product over another.  Simply put, the more covered reasons a product lists, the coverage is typically better.  The logic being that more reasons can cover more situations.

More reasons may not always be the best.  The smartest way to compare is to consider what possible situations are of the most concern to the travelers.  If it is weather delays, find a policy with the most generous covered reason related to inclement weather.  If the trip is during hurricane season, mandatory evacuation being covered can be important.  Just as finding the right policy will depend on the travelers’ needs, the best trip cancellation policy vary according to the individuals as well.

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