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How to Calculate Auto or Car Insurance Increase After Accident

  • Step 1

    Calculate the cost of your car accident insurance claim -You will need to total the expenses the insurance company had to pay for your car accident. If the expense is very low then some car insurers will let you get away without an increase in car insurance at all.

  • Step 2

    Find out if you the accident was considered your fault (aka “at fault” accidents). Many times the increase in car insurance will depend on how much the accident was your fault. Even if an accident was mostly the other driver’s fault, you can still get an increase even if you were considered partially at fault.

  • Step 3

    Figure out whether you are considered a high risk driver with high risk insurance to begin with – Sometimes if you already considered a high risk and your auto insurance rates are already high then your car insurance may go up less than if you were until now considered a low risk driver with low car insurance rates.

  • Step 4

    Date back to when you started with this car insurer and calculate how long you have been insured by them. The longer you have been insured with a clean driving record, the less your insurer is likely to increase your car insurance rates or premium significantly.

  • Step 5

    Find out if your driving accident can be overlooked if it is your first time. If you have a clean driving record and this is your first accident then some insurance companies will let you off the hook because you are considered a good driver.

  • Step 6

    Expect hard to calculate changes in insurance rates if your bought a new car. Sometimes, if you purchased a new car after the accident then the rate will change based on the new car type and your new post car accident status.

  • Step 7

    Look into other car insurance policies if your car insurance seems to be increasing your insurance too much. There may be other insurance companies that calculate factors differently, so do some car insurance comparisons to make sure the rate you are being increased is fair.

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