High Risk Car Insurance For Drivers With Less Than Perfect Driving Records

Posted by Admin \ Feb 01, 2020

One of the most successful methods of getting high risk car insurance at cheaper rates, for drivers who have less than perfect records, is by changing insurance companies. People often do this to look for more favorable rates.

Although this is not a perfect way of going about things, the insurance industry is highly competitive and another insurance carrier may be prepared to offer cheaper premiums for high risk drivers. These are drivers in the US who have been caught driving while intoxicated or DWI, and DUI which is driving under the influence. These are also drivers with multiple accidents or tickets on their record. Even something as small as a parking ticket may have an influence on insurance premiums!

Don’t get me wrong, this won’t mean that you are able to supply the insurer with false information and get away with it, big brother is definitely watching in this regard. You will need to get a copy of your record from the DMV, because then you know exactly what it is you have done wrong.

Make sure that you have done everything possible to improver your record, such as paying fines and ensuring you have a clear history regarding these violations. Find out what else can be done to improve your record. Attending traffic school is good way to improve your driving record and get off the high risk list. Attending advanced and safety driving classes is a lot of fun and this is also away to get your insurance premiums discounted.

Lower your premiums by lowering the value of the vehicle you drive; there is a direct correlation between the value of your vehicle and the insurance cost, particularly for high risk drivers. Opt to downgrade your vehicle or use public transport and lower the mileage you would normally do.

Make sure the vehicle you drive has all the bells and whistles in terms of safety features, including airbags, and automatic seatbelts. There may be also specific types of braking systems and other features which can earn discounts, find out!

Finally, once you have done as much as you can to improve your driving record; modern technology is able to help you. Getting online and obtaining a number of quotes from various car insurance carriers can be done easily and efficiently through an online insurance portal or brokerage. In a matter of minutes you may have all the information you need at your fingertips and all that is left is to make a decision.

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