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News : Auto insurance Car-theft ring and chop shop – Ohio. Better than to review car insurance – and interesting!

A Cleveland man frustrated over the theft of his Honda Civic decided to track it down himself, and police say his search led to the bust of a car-theft ring and chop shop.
Twenty-year-old Christopher Bravo said he saw his car in a garage near one of the city’s police stations. Police showed up, and authorities said they found an abandoned home nearby that was full of car parts, arrested nine people and towed away six stolen Civics.
The bust was made by a department that has one officer assigned to the auto theft unit in a city where more than 4,000 cars were stolen last year. That’s down from 12 members six years ago.

Yes, this was recently done by Christopher and has helped not only the insurance company but even you- or all of us since car insurance are mandatory. If the auto thefts are caught and people who are involved are punished, the auto theft can be stopped.
This would help in reducing the cost of auto insurance since the insurance companies would save on the claims. Imagine if the insurance companies had to pay an average of $10,000 for each car the cost of insurance claims is 40,000,000/- Wow!

If we are proactive to review car insurance and compare auto insurance quotes for low auto insurance rates we save $397 to $597/- and continue to help the community which will give us even a lower auto insurance rate. Lets do it now and compare auto insurance quotes for free the first step

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