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Drivers without car insurance are adding up to the premiums each year

Car insurance customers are increasingly finding it difficult to maintain a balance in their household budgets. The reasons for sparing car insurance premiums are many. One of the major reasons is the growing number of uninsured motorists on the road. It is a matter of great concern for the insurance companies as well as the customers. If statistics are to be believed, uninsured motor drivers are adding about £1.25bn each year to a normal car insurance policy for a motorist in the UK.

The statistics revealed after a survey by one of the leading car insurance companies in the UK have shed some light on a very different reason for the rocketing premiums. The research says that an average UK driver’ s premium has risen by about £50 every year just because of the claims made by uninsured drivers. Another shocking fact revealed after this survey was a considerable number of innocent motorists who get injured or killed by these uninsured motorists.

Millions of UK motorists are consciously violating the laws including a mandatory car insurance cover for a vehicle running on a UK road. The massive insurance costs and inability to afford the adequate covers for their cars, many people are resorting to fraudulent practices as well as getting behind the wheels without any insurance cover. They are not only risking their vehicles but their lives as well.

The Automobile Association says that one in 20 cars in the UK are not being driven with an insurance cover. The Association also indicated that the rise between April and June in car insurance premiums in the year 2010 was the greatest since the last 16 years.

In a competitive industry like car insurance the UK, customers can easily compare car insurance and find a best deal that fits perfectly in their budget. The number of motorists refraining from a little hard work surveying the difference quotes result in insurance-less drivers on the UK roads.

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