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Compare auto insurance quotes: Do men pay more than women?

Conan O’Brien : Do women pay a low auto insurance rate than men? What does statastics say when you compare auto insurance quotes or review car insurance rates of both men and women?

Compare auto insurance quotes and reveiw car insurance Low auto insurance rate : Men or women?

Response : Compare auto insurance quotes and review car insurance than there are certain factors which you need to keep in mind.

It is a myth that women are better drivers and have a low auto insurance rate than men. Men are considered to be bad drivers. Woman is bad at parking of vehicles. Yes, the war between men and women is never ending….. a house hold tale.

The reality is that the government statistics indicate that both women and men women and men have the same accident involvement rates per million miles driven. The men drive more miles than the woman and so it is seen that the men do have more accidents than woman since they are more on the road.

You would be surprised to know that the insurance companies are not charging the woman low auto insurance rates when you compare auto insurance quotes with men as per the mileage. Review car insurance quotes per mileage and you would find that woman are paying a higher auto insurance rate. How do you know this- because the insurance companies charge the same rate But driving myths see only that men have more accidents than women and overlook the reason – men average more miles driven per year than women do which accounts for their involvement in more accidents per year than same-aged women .The truth might surprise you – that in reality the insurance companies are really charging a higher rate for woman than men.

This is because the women drive normally lower miles than the men. There are more men drivers and they drive much higher miles than women and still pay almost the same insurnace. Thus if you compare auto insurance quotes for women and men and review car insurance rates , you will realize that the basic rate per mileage of use is higher for women than men. Thus if you drive less mileage, it would be best to have a Progressive insurance policy which is based on the mileage of use.

Take this tip and get a low auto insurance rate for yourself if you drive less.

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