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The Latest Car Insurance News

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Sometimes you might find that you need to get some extra insurance for a few days maybe you need to hire a van for a week or two or to drive a friend’s car for two or three days. As well as contacting standard car insurance companies there are also specialist car insurance companies available that offer temporary car insurance. By taking out temporary insurance you can get insurance from just one day or short term insurance for a number of weeks and pay just for the insurance you need.

Even if you are using a car for only one or two days driving without insurance is not only illegal but it could also be a very costly and unnecessary mistake. Read more…

Utah and New Mexico Propose Licensing Non-Citizens

The states of Utah and New Mexico have passed new laws giving people who are not citizens of the United States access to obtaining driver’s licenses and automobile insurance coverage. These new laws have been heavily criticized during the first few months of the legislative sessions for this term in their respective states; however, it appears as if the bills will indeed be implemented after substantial changes to important components of the legislation.

The new bills in both Utah and New Mexico have been extensively altered since their inception. Despite this, the basic tenets of the bills which drew so much ire from the opposition party in both states remain intact.

The key issue in these bills is that both would allow non-citizens to apply for driver’s licenses (or, as they are called in Utah, “driver’s privilege cards”) and automobile insurance without verification of their citizenship, because both states made allowances for applicants to use either their Social Security Number (SSN) or an ITIN, an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Social Se

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Top 10 Cheapest Cars to Insure

Purchasing a new car often includes important decisions like what color to buy, the interest rate, how much horsepower and which options to include.  However, factoring in insurance costs can be a smart consumer decision.  Insurance is a monthly expense for automobile owners and getting cheap car insurance can help alleviate some of the financial considerations.  The top ten cheapest cars to insure are here and are among some of the safest cars available.

Top Cheapest Cars to Insure

Top Cheapest SUVs, Trucks and Minivans to Insure

If you aren’t in the market for a sedan and need to cart around the family in a minivan, the Chrysler Town & Country is a top pick for insurance companies.  This roomy option will not only take seven people comfortable from the store to a road trip, it is also the top cheapest car to insure today.  Need a workhorse truck?  The GMC Sierra Pick-up and the Ford F-Series Pick-up also make the grade with insurance companies.  The list is rounded out with the Ford Econoline Club Wagon and the Toyota RAV 4 SUV.

Most Expensive Cars to Insure

If you can’t resist a luxury car that exudes power and status though, there are several cars that will bring the highest insurance policy premiums available.  Some of these include the Lexus IS 300, the Land Rover Discover Series II, the BMW X5 and the Mercedes SLK Class.  Surprisingly the Toyota 4-Runner and the Mitsubishi Montero also are included on this list.  Be sure to be prepared to pay a higher insurance payment every month in addition to higher car payments if one of these cars is on your list of future vehicles.

One of the Best Cheap Cars to Insure

While not a top ten cheapest car to insure, it is important to remember that a used car will have a lower insurance cost than a new one of the same model.  If the cost of the insurance premium is a factor in your decision, consider purchasing a used car.  An additional benefit of used cars is they have already depreciated and they cost less than a new vehicle.  They also frequently have extended warranties to give piece of mind if something goes wrong.

Insurance companies factor in vehicle cost and the types of vehicles that are least likely to be involved in an accident when determining automobile insurance premiums.  Insurance premiums can be costly.  By considering the cost of the insurance, vehicle owners could save thousands over the life of the car.  There are many different types of cars available for different drivers that give the cheapest car insurance rates.

Key aspect of auto insurance laws in Florida

Florida like the rest of the 50 states in the country has its own set of insurance laws which must be followed by all the citizens who drive on its roads. Firstly, vehicle owners should purchase auto insurance only from those providers who are authorized to sell insurance in Florida. Secondly, those who move from another state to Florida are not allowed to hold on to the same policy while driving on the Florida roads. In fact, everyone must carry sufficient insurance coverage as mandated by the laws in Florida. The specific limits which are mandatory for vehicle owners in Florida are $10,000 for physical injury to one person in a car accident, $10,000 for property damage during car accident as per the liability on the guilty driver and $20,000 for physical injury to more than one person in the car accident.

The auto insurance laws in Florida also include a Financial Responsibility Law.

Read more…

How to Improve the Safety of your Vehicle

Knowing how to improve the safety of your vehicle can help in preventing an accident or in ensuring your safety should your vehicle be involved in an accident.  In addition, maintaining vehicle safety can help alleviate costly repairs down the road and will extend the life of the car.  Most vehicles are installed with basic safety devices like airbags, rollover protection, anti-lock brake systems and traction control.  However, by following a few other guidelines and considering some additional technology, vehicle safety can be improved.

Safety Systems

Technology now allows drivers to communicate with others instantaneously through telematic systems like OnStar.  When drivers lock their keys out, need to make phone calls, need driving directions or are involved in an accident, they are instantly connected through the service.  The customer service representative instantly pinpoints the vehicles location and can contact emergency rescue personnel if necessary with the push of a button.  If there is a collision, the service is automatically contacted.

Basic Car Care

Maintaining a basic standard of car care can also improve vehicle safety.  As an additional bonus, it also keeps costly repairs in check.  By regularly checking the oil, filters and fluids and changing them at recommended intervals, the car will continue to run well.  Hoses and brakes should also be checked at every oil change.  The tire pressure needs to be checked at least once a month and inspected for wear.  Have tires aligned once a year to improve fuel economy and prevent wear.  A regular tune-up is important as well.

Winter Safety

Winter brings additional safety issues with snow and ice.  To improve vehicle safety, check under the hood and make sure all fluids and regular maintenance is done before the onset of winter.  Make sure the antifreeze is full and that tires have at least 2/32” of depth on the tread.  Wipers should also be replaced at this time to ensure optimum performance.  Fill the windshield wiper fluid reservoir so you don’t find yourself stuck on a slushy road with no visibility.  Battery posts and spark plugs need to be inspected before winter too to prevent being stranded in sub-zero weather.

Vehicle Software Updates

Most people are familiar with software updates for their computers, but today’s automotive technology also utilizes computer software.  To enhance the performance of a vehicle it is vital to update the software it uses.  Request a vehicle software update at the dealership or repair shop.  This helps vehicles remain virtually maintenance free until 90,000 miles or more.  By getting regular software updates, this can correct faulty programming and prevent critical safety issues before they start which will improve vehicle safety.

Vehicle safety should be a top priority for any car owner no matter what kind of car you drive.  Faulty equipment or an automobile in poor repair can be a disaster.  By following a regular maintenance schedule and following a few simple guidelines a car can run for many years.  Combine that with driver awareness and obeying traffic laws and you will be prepared for almost any contingency you may encounter on the road. My improving the safety of yo

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How To Choose Auto Insurance Fast

To be secure at all times is the highest priority of all people. We need to be secure not only in periods of just staying at home, but safety while driving is also necessary. That is why there are different car insurance online companies out there who are willing to offer their services to drivers.

Although buying a new car, it is normal that auto insurance is already included for a limited period. After this period, it is the discretion of the owner of the car if he or she wants to go and pay monthly bills or stop paying for it. Certainly, there is no possibility that the owner of the car would drive without auto insurance. In fact, there is no need to choose the old insurance provider again – there are many variants out there just in case people are deciding to transfer to another insurance company.

The roads are increasingly dangerous today. Read more…

Car Insurance Holders Must Go For Regular Safety Checks

The drivers have been urged to carry out regular safety checkups of their vehicles to avoid any collision and thereafter any kind of insurance claim. It is a legal requirement that every motorist must take good care of the vehicle and go for regular checks. According to a bank research, more than 20% of the motorists do not go for regular safety checks for their car every month. One among three motorists thinks that there is no need of any kind of regular safety check every month.

According to the law, the tyre tread depth must be at least 1.6mm so that the vehicle runs smoothly on road. Only 38% of the motorists go for checking the tyre tread depth whereas rest of the drivers remains negligent about their tyre trade depth update.

Only 56% of the motorists check the car coolant regularly while other leave their car at risk of overheating. Around 50% of the motorists do not check the brake lights and windscreen wipers leaving themselves in risk.

Read more…

Dropping Unnecessary Car Insurance Coverage

It is good to go over your auto insurance policy regularly to determine if you could be saving money on your coverage.  At each renewal, the insurance company will send a new automobile policy that should be read over.  By dropping unnecessary car insurance coverage, policy holders may be able to save hundreds of dollars a year.  There are several insurance policy coverage options that should be looked at to determine where there could be cost savings.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage covers losses from anything other than collision.  This includes theft, vandalism or damage due to natural disaster.  This coverage can depend on the state mandates and any of the terms that are defined in the auto insurance policy.  If a car is paid off and the coverage it is not required by the state, this may be an unnecessary car insurance coverage.  However, if there is a lien holder, they may still require a comprehensive auto insurance policy.

Collision Coverage

If you are paying for collision coverage and your state does not require it, consider lowering this auto insurance coverage.  For an older car consider dropping this if possible.  Coverage is normally limited to the cash value of the car and an older car may not be worth the cost of coverage.  If there is a loan or lease on the car though, they will require collision coverage.  Raising the deductible on collision coverage can also help to save money on insurance premiums.

Rental Car and Towing Coverage

A car is a convenience.  However, if you can live without one for a brief period of time while your car is being repaired after an accident, it could be beneficial to discontinue rental car coverage.  This coverage tends to be very low though and having a car when needed may outweigh the costs.  Towing and labor is also an option that you may want to cancel.  It is only available with comprehensive and/or collision coverage and some policies limit it to accident situations.

Medical Coverage

Most states require a certain amount of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage that helps pay for medical, hospital and funeral costs.  The coverage provides a maximum coverage amount according to the policy but policy holders can choose to purchase additional PIP.  The people that benefit from this are people who do not have other health insurance or people who frequently have other passengers in the car who may not have health insurance.  If this doesn’t sound like you, lose this additional coverage.

Car insurance coverage is important, but reviewing a policy can eliminate unnecessary expenses.  Reduce premiums and improve policy coverage to improve your budget.  However, before dropping any coverage, make double check to determine if you will need this in the event of an accident.   If it will cost you more money to lose the coverage, then it is not worth the initial savings.  It is also helpful to speak with an auto insurance representative before dropping any coverage to discuss the possible repercussions.

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