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Over 80s Struggle For Cheap Car Insurance

A recent investigation into the availability for cheap car insurance for the elderly has revealed shocking, and also frankly disgusting, results. Age Concern and Help The Aged commissioned the research and found that the majority of drivers over the age of 80 could not get an insurance policy to cover them at all, with the majority over 65 having serious problems getting policies with low enough premiums to fit into their budget.

This is an absolute disgrace, especially when you realise that some of the cheap car insurance refusals for the elderly come from some of the largest insurance providers in the UK. Now that this discrimination has been revealed then there may be some changes within the cheap car insurance industry, especially given that it means some will be restricted in terms of what they can do with their lives. Everyone deserves a chance to be insured regardless of age, unless healt problems get in the way, so spread the word.

Things to Remember When Applying for Car Accident Insurance

The moment you buy a car, first thing to think about is not getting a new set of mufflers, rims or spoilers. Think first of getting insurance because that may be the best thing you can get for your car at the moment. There is no limit to benefits you get from availing of a car accident insurance early on.

You have decided to get covered by an indemnity policy; first thing to do is to look for a reputable insurance provider. Normally, a car dealer will attempt to sell you insurance, whether for a profit or not. This is also trustworthy since no self-respecting dealer will attempt to sell a bogus policy from an unreliable source. Plus, you can always assert your rights against him should things go wrong in the future. Try not to get covered from agents. Go to the source. Although agents represent car accident insurance providers, they tend to exaggerate just to get you to sign.

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How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums

  • Step 1

    Shop around! This applies to those who do not have auto insurance on their vehicle yet as well as those who ar looking for better rates. If you do have insurance on your vehicle already you may want to talk to your present company before changing companies. Call as many auto insurance companies as you could and get lots of quotes to compare.

  • Step 2

    If you have not purchased a vehicle yet, think about what the costs will be to insure certain types of vehicles. The type of vehicle that you drive will have a huge impact on your insurance costs. Do a little investigation on your own to see how much certain vehicles cost to insure.

  • Step 3

    If you have an excellent driving record, let your insurance company know. They will probably do a check of your driving record on their own and you should be able to get a good driver discount.

  • Step 4

    Raise your deductibles and you could save plenty of money.

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    Is it really hard to get Nevada auto insurance?

    Nevada is a state of mighty, financially rich United States of America. Nevada auto insurance is in fact expensive. Hence one needs to be choosy in selecting the coverages. One has no other alternative but to take the mandatory coverages but the optional coverages can be decided by the person who wants to insure. Is it not?

    Nevada insurance laws

    Nevada is one of the important states in United States of America. If one wants to know about the insurance laws of Nevada, he must understand that Nevada is tort state as far as auto insurance laws are concerned.

    Tort state means that the person who is responsible for the accident by his fault should pay the money to cover the expenses incurred for the damage caused to the property and the injury caused to the person.

    The residents of Nevada are advised to take liability coverage which is referred as 15/30/10.

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    High Risk Car Insurance For Drivers With Less Than Perfect Driving Records

    One of the most successful methods of getting high risk car insurance at cheaper rates, for drivers who have less than perfect records, is by changing insurance companies. People often do this to look for more favorable rates.

    Although this is not a perfect way of going about things, the insurance industry is highly competitive and another insurance carrier may be prepared to offer cheaper premiums for high risk drivers. These are drivers in the US who have been caught driving while intoxicated or DWI, and DUI which is driving under the influence. These are also drivers with multiple accidents or tickets on their record. Even something as small as a parking ticket may have an influence on insurance premiums!

    Don’t get me wrong, this won’t mean that you are able to supply the insurer with false information and get away with it, big brother is definitely watching in this regard. Read more…

    How to Find NAIC Code Number for Auto Insurance

  • Step 1

    First step, but not that important :-) , understand what it is you are looking for. The NAIC is the National Association of Insurance Commissioners . Basically it is an organization of elected officials that help to create uniform insurance regulations, promote competition and essentially make things more fair for insurance policy customers and consumers. Your insurance company denotes a code to show they are affiliated with this organization

  • Step 2

    There are a few ways to find this number (skip to step 4 for the best way). The first and most simple method is to simply contact your insurance company and ask. Personally though, I have better things to do than call my insurance company, they’ll probably just put me on hold, then try to sell me a new insurance policy.

  • Step 3

    The next step in locating your NAIC insurance company number you could try is typing your insurance company name followed by “NAIC Number” in your web browser.

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    Discounts on Auto Insurance Quotes

    There are many unknown auto insurance discounts that consumers should be aware of.  The article “Little-Known Auto Insurance Discounts” found on highlights some of the discounts.

    Being a full time student can help you get lower auto insurance quotes.  Not only can being a student help you, but if you carry good grades, usually a B or higher, that can earn you further discounts.  Some auto insurance companies offer discounts for federal employees, members of the military, or members of various groups like AAA.

    Discounts are sometimes offered to those who have the VIN number on their car window.  How you pay your bills can affect your auto insurance quote and so does where you live.  Driving less and having safer cars all can warrant you discounts on your auto insurance.  These a

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    GeoVera Boosts Earthquake Insurance Premiums

    Some people who have GeoVera earthquake insurance in California are getting eye-popping premium increases.

    John Ross of Berkeley says his premium more than tripled to $4,635 this year from $1,445 last year.

    Pat Canzian of San Mateo saw a similar increase, to $4,315 from $1,446.

    David Costa says the premium on his Pacifica home – which is at least 5 miles from the San Andreas Fault – shot up to $7,491 from $2,222.

    Based in Fairfield, GeoVera provides stand-alone earthquake insurance that is not coupled with a standard homeowner’s policy. With about 80,000 customers, it is the second-largest provider of residential earthquake insurance in California after the state-sponsored California Earthquake Authority.

    Some customers were surprised that the California Department of Insurance would permit such big rate increases.

    “My wife and I live in the Berkeley hills, not far from the Hayward Fault,” Ross says.

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