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Guest Post: Rebecca Rose on preventing arthritis in dogs

If you haven’t noticed yet, we are running a competition to win a year’s supply of In Clover’s Connectin this month. All you have to do is post your dog’s orthopedic story on our Facebook page and you are in for a chance to win. It’s a pretty sweat deal – make sure to get your entry in.

But what is Connectin?

Anything that can reverse joint damage in dogs is gold in my eyes and the fact that it’s all-natural (really! not just fake all-natural) is a wonderful bonus.

So I asked Rebecca Rose, founder and  President of In Clover, to write up a bit about Connectin and how it came about. He Read more…

Travel Insurance Services Writes About Hurricane Paula

Most travel insurance plans provide coverage for hurricane & weather related delays, interruptions and cancellations.  The coverage can vary depending on the policy, ranging from common carrier delays to mandatory evacuations.  Learn more about the differences in  coverage in the Squaremouth press release, Travel Insurance for a Hurricane – What Travelers Need to Know.

Travel insurance carriers will often address specific storms in their newsletters or on their website.  Travel Insurance Services recently blogged about Hurricane Paula.  The following is an excerpt from the post.

Heading to Cancun? Hurricane Paula may have other plans for you. Although the storm is only a Category 1, it’s causing significant damage in Honduras, Mexico and other countries in its path.

The storm destroyed homes and forced schools to close in Honduras today with its 75 mph winds. It shoul

Read more…

Traveler’s Story About Medical Coverage from Travel Insurance Services

Travel insurance carriers sometimes share customer testimonials in a newsletter, blog or on their website.  Recently, Travel Insurance Services posted a review from a young woman studying abroad who broke her leg and needed medical treatment.  The following is the student’s story and how her travel insurance coverage helped.

A 19-year old female, studying in France, was involved in a scooter accident and sustained a serious, open fracture to her right tibia.

How we helped…

She was operated on for the fracture and the doctor ordered no weight bearing on the right lower limbs.

The hospital accepted our assistance company’s guarantee of payment so that the patient would not have to pay an expensive bill out of pocket.

The assistance staff arranged for ground ambulance to the airport, wheelchair assistance, and a Business Class seat for her to fly home.

This is a good example of why it is important to contact the emergency assistance number as soon as reasonably able once the traveler knows medical treatment is needed.  Emergency assistance can help arrange medical transportation, ensure the necessary medical treatment is received and work with the medical facility about payment.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Financial Default Coverage and Cruise West

Many travel insurance plans cover financial default of a travel supplier.  This applies to trip cancellation and trip interruption if travel plans are affected because a travel supplier becomes financially insolvent and cannot provide service.  It is common for this coverage to only be available if the policy is purchased within a set time from the trip deposit date, normally 14 days.    In some cases, this coverage is not available until after a waiting period, again, normally about 14 days.

Recently, Cruise West announced they will cease operations.  Almost all of their cruises have been cancelled.  Travel Guard provided an explanation of travel insurance benefits as it relates to Cruise West.  The following is the explanation from Travel Guard.

On September 17, 2020, Cruise West announced that they would be ceasing operations effective September 18, 2020. Many of

Read more…

Travel Insurance Coverage Can Overlap

Travel insurance plans normally include a package of benefits ranging from trip cancellation, to medical evacuation, to life insurance.  There are many situations a traveler might face where multiple coverage benefits would apply.  For example, a medical emergency could lead to a claim for emergency medical, medical evacuation, trip interruption and even life insurance.  Recently, Travelex included a story from a traveler whose cruise was affected by the earthquake in Chile earlier this year and multiple coverage benefits applied.  The following is an excerpt from the customer review.

We had a couple booked on a 23 day itinerary to South America which we insured with Travel Select. The trip was to begin with a Princess Cruise scheduled to depart from Santiago, Chile on March 2, 2020. Due to the earthquake that disrupted travel throughout South America, our clients were unable to get to their ship before it left. The earliest they could re-join their trip was on March 12 in Montevideo; day 13 of my clients’ 23 day trip. This is where the Travel Select policy really helped out: an earthquake is considered a natural disaster and is covered as a Trip Delay. The real Read more…

Travelex Writes About Travel Delay

Most travel insurance plans include travel delay coverage.  This reimburses expenses when a traveler is delayed for a certain amount of time, anywhere from 5 – 24 hours, depending on the plan.  Travelex recently wrote about this benefit in their agent newsletter.

Whether it is a hurricane, earthquake or blizzard that delays your clients’ travels, you can provide them the peace of mind they need when an unexpected delay sidetracks their trip.

Read more…

Customer Review from Travelex

Travel insurance carriers often share customer experiences and testimonials in their newsletters.  The earthquake in Chile earlier this year was an opportunity for Travelex to help travelers whose vacation was affected.  The following is from the Travelex newsletter and is a review from the agent that organized the trip.

Traveling to Antarctica and Easter Island in February was the trip of a lifetime for myself and my group of 32 passengers. When the day of travel had arrived so had one of the biggest snowstorms of the decade. We had to determine how to get everyone to Buenos Aires prior to our departure for Antarctica; 5 travelers had to be rerouted, many of them 1-2 days later. Some arrived without luggage so they did some last-minute shopping in Usushia and from the shop onboard our ship. Antarctica was amazing and when that part of the journey ended, 16 of us headed for Easter Island – the most remote island in the world. Our 3 day tour went beautifully. The day Read more…

Claim Example: Inguinal Hernia Repair in a Dachshund

As the final post of our focus on obesity this month, I thought it a good example to use where this hernia could have possibly been prevented through weight management (although such a young dog is likely to have needed surgery no matter what).

An inguinal hernia is a defect in the opening from the abdomen down to the testicular sac and obesity sometimes can change something miniscule and not noticeable into a serious condition that needs surgery to fix the defect.

Details of the claim for Roxy, a 1 year old Dachshund living in Pomona CA:


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