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Boyd’s bill to bring about reforms in no-fault insurance

Rep. Jim Boyd, R-Bradenton has announced the introduction of the new legislation under House Bill 1411. Now there would be several important measures that would be taken by the lawmakers in Florida to fight the menace of auto insurance scams. There would be increased consumer protection, stiffer penalties, and revisions to car crash reports.

The bill has been sponsored by Jim Boyd and it aims to bring about reforms to the PIP insurance which is also known as the No-Fault insurance in Florida. The no-fault protection has been one of the main reasons for the staged accidents that are so common now.

Boyd stated that the PIP coverage has become the prime target for over $1 billion due to fraud operations that took place in a number of ways. Hence, he feels that this bill would help in curtailing fraud.

The modus operandi is the same with these fraud rings.

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Metlife Auto Insurance

Many people associate the name Metlife with life insurance, but in actuality the company offers several different types of coverage including affordable car insurance. Comparing car insurance is the best way to find the cheapest rates and Metlife Auto Insurance makes that easy to do online.

Types of Insurance at Metlife

In addition to auto insurance, Metlife offers coverage for life, homeowners, RV and motorcycle, dental, disability, critical illness, and long term care. Auto insurance features from Metlife are easy to compare online against those of other auto insurers on Metlifes website. Instant auto insurance quotes are also available, which makes it easy to shop and compare car insurance quotes to find affordable premiums with the best coverage features.

Metlife Auto Insurance Discounts

Good drivers save with Metlife with their Deductible Savings Benefit.

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Finding a reliable insurance provider that can offer you cheap car insurance

Over the past two years, the country’s economic situation has forced some people to reduce costs. Rising commodity prices and falling incomes lead people to seek alternatives that will save them money. Under these circumstances, people have to look for cheap car insurance.

Increasing premiums for auto insurance policies are encouraging people to look out for insurance providers that are able to offer the budget car insurance. While people would be fully justified in finding insurance companies that can offer car insurance at a low price, they should be advised to exercise caution before entering into an agreement with an insurance provider.

Looking around the local market or at the Internet you can find a lot of advertisements offering car insurance at sky-rocketing prices. You can be sure that these offers aren’t the best on the market. H Read more…

SUV Insurance Coverage

The sports utility vehicle is quite expensive to purchase and maintain due to high fuel and insurance charges. The high-speed sports utility vehicles are quite risky to drive and the chances of their involvement in accident are high so the car owner has to buy heavy insurance premium policy to protect the car. You can compare car insurance premium prices online to get the best deal suitable for the vehicle.

HBF Car Insurance offers cheap comprehensive car insurance policies in Australia. Get a free car insurance quote and buy cheap car insurance online.

The auto insurance coverage offered for SUV differs in terms of charge and protective cover. The comprehensive car isnurnce coverage protects the SUV from damage caused by weather changes like fire, theft, hail, floods and tornado. The auto insurance coverage of comprehensive type can be lowered down by increasing the deductibles. Read more…

How Traffic Violations Really Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate

When applying for car insurance, one of the most important questions you’ll receive from the company is, “Have you had a violation in the past # of years?” For some companies, it may be five years and for others three, but no matter what, if you check “yes” next to that question, you are probably biting your nails in anticipation of what your car insurance quote will be.

Since many people don’t conduct comparison quotes to determine whether a violation has increased their rate or not, it’s hard to say whether it makes a huge difference. But some say, yes, moving violations make a huge difference.

Study Shows Moving Violations Makes Rates Jump

A study conducted by in May 2011 found that after surveying 32,000 auto insurance policies sold through the website in 2010, the auto insurance quotes jumped significantly with each moving violation.

Here is a breakdown of the website’s analysis:

  • 0 violations: Average annual premium $1,119
  • 1 violation: Avg. premium $1,318

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Benefits of Finding Cheap Life Insurance

Life insurance is something that you need to have if you want to make sure that your loved ones would be in good hands in the event of your untimely passing, especially if you are the primary provider in your family. It is similar to other types of insurance policies in that it also requires a premium to be paid in lump sums or in smaller amounts at regular intervals in exchange for the benefits that would be paid to your beneficiaries if you pass away or if you are diagnosed with a critical or a terminal illness.

There are numerous companies today offering various types of life insurance policies, which means that you should be able to find a policy, regardless of the budget or the type of coverage you have. If you are still undecided on whether or not you should get one, read on to learn more about the benefits of finding a cheap life insurance policy. Read more…

Some tips to consider when you need to make an auto accident claim

The first thing the car owner must consider is car insurance. If you want to avoid problems with any type of road accidents make sure that your new car has insurance when you make a new purchase. Auto accident claims can be filed by a person who got a kind of injury from a car accident. The individual may receive benefits or Lavin Copitch road accident compensation after a car accident.

You need to know how to make the process of filing for car accident claims if you have a car accident. You must prove you are totally innocent and not involved in the accident to make a claim. You must prove that the compensation you requested is not because of your sloppiness or negligence. In order to make an auto accident claim, it is better to have an eyewitness who was present at the scene. If you have one, it becomes easy for you to do the accident report. Read more…

How To Get Car Insurance At A Deep Discount

How would you like to get car insurance at a deep discount? Would you be thrilled if you came across a way to get the same car insurance you have now but for a much lower price? Well, get ready to be excited because I am going to share with you a great way to get car insurance at a deep discount.

The best way to get car insurance at a deep discount is to first make sure that your policy doesn’t have anything that you don’t want or need. For instance, glass insurance. If you don’t want glass insurance then just tell your insurance agent that you would like that pulled from the policy and then you could save that money right then.

Another way to get a deep discount on your car insurance is to ask for a discount and if that doesn’t work then sign up for automatic payments. The reason why one of these will work is because all insurance companies have discounts they can give, it is just sometimes they don’t and everyone of them will give you a discount if you sign up to make automatic payments every month. What you Read more…

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