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Hiscox expects “healthy” household profit despite winter freeze

Hiscox has reported that most of the “significant and expensive” catastrophes of 2010 occurred in areas where the insurer had deliberately reduced exposure, due to weak rates.

The firm estimates net claims arising from the UK winter freeze during November and December at £16 million, but says its UK household business remains on track to make a healthy profit.

The net estimate for Chile, Xynthia and the New Zealand earthquake combined is around £115 million, including estimated net claims for the New Zealand earthquake of approximately £37 million.

Meanwhile, the insurer’s position on the Australian floods is still evolving, but looks to be “underweight”.

During the January renewal period, the group’s London Market division saw an average rate reduction of -1.5% on renewal business, while its Bermuda open market reinsurance business saw an average rate reduction of -7.5%.


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Special Coverage for a Special Purpose

Important work overseas requires the best protection you can find. Missionary travel insurance helps you when you are busy helping others. Miss it off your list and you could find yourself in serious trouble.

When traveling and working overseas, a medical emergency could jeopardize your mission and your life. Help from a reputable travel insurance policy could be the difference between being able to continue your work and having to return home – less well off in terms of both money and well-being.

Medicare and Medicaid won’t help you on an overseas trip but missionary insurance covers you wherever your ministry or church takes you. If

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Trailer Tent Maintenance

It’s all too easy to simply store your trailer tent away for the winter, not stopping to think about any potential maintenance issues. But, this could be a big mistake. It’s essential that you take trailer tent maintenance seriously unless you want its condition to deteriorate, and if you bear in mind these tips you’ll be able to keep it damage-free for years to come.

1. Clean it after use to ensure no dirt has built up. It’s sometimes tempting to store it away and think you’ll clean it later, but don’t – doing so will only make matters worse.

2. Thoroughly air it out before you store it away for the winter. You should ne

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Direct Line warns against underinsurance

Homeowners may be leaving themselves exposed to underinsurance, according to a new report from Direct Line.

The report indicates that as much as £212.9bn in home contents could be at risk, with over a quarter (26%) of people with contents cover underinsured by as much as £20,000.

Furthermore, one in five people have no home contents insurance at all, leaving an average of £14,000 at risk.

Direct Line’s head of home insurance Andrew Morrell warned that people concerned about belt-tightening should not underestimate the importance of appropriate insurance.

Morrell added that turning a blind eye to the true value of home contents risks putting belongings and finances in jeopardy.

The report also discovered that 39% had not accounted for the increasing value of family heirlooms such as jewellery, furniture and antiques.

Direct Lines valuer Kris Coombes described the level of underinsurance in British homes as worrying, and stated that underinsured homeowners could find themselves in for a shock should they have to make a claim.

In November independent financial research firm Defaqto analysed 299 home contents insurance policies and found that 26% offered less than £500 coverage for cash at home, with 4% providing no coverage whatsoever.


MH Ross Complaints

Travelers can have MH Ross complaints if they are not happy with the customer service they received or if a claim is denied.  When this is the case, travelers can ask Squaremouth to intervene.  This is because ever policy purchased from Squaremouth comes with the Zero Complaint Guarantee.  This guarantee applies to all travel insurance carriers.

The Zero Complaint Guarantee states that if a client is dissatisfied with how their claim was processed, Squaremouth will mediate on their behalf.  If the carrier has been unjust in applying the policy language and they do not provide a solution satisfactory to Squaremouth, that carrier will be removed from the website entirely and their products no longer sold.

Arag reveals divorce insurance plans

Legal expenses insurer, Arag, has revealed that it is considering launching divorce insurance in the UK, following a government announcement that almost all Legal Aid for divorce disputes settled by the courts is to end.

Justice Minister, Jonathan Djanogly, has already highlighted the need for insurance to cover divorce-related legal costs, and speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme on Saturday, Arag managing director, Tony Buss, said he would be examining the German market over the coming year, where couples can typically buy €30,000 of cover for €100.

Policies have a waiting period, usually three years, before they can be triggered and carry an excess in the region of £500 per partner.

With regard the UK market, Mr Buss said that insurers have previously shied away from divorce insurance as it has not been regarded as socially unacceptable, but that he is hopeful launching a product in 2012.

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