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Caravan Insurance Ireland

Sometimes, finding caravan insurance Ireland can seem difficult. Although not as much of an issue now as it once was, some companies will still only insure caravan users in the UK and deem the Republic of Ireland to be included in their EU policy. As such it can sometimes be difficult for residents in the Republic of Ireland to find appropriate insurance, but there are some companies that will be able to accommodate.

Probably one of the biggest and most popular caravan insurers in Ireland is Rosgoill Properties and Insurances. They specialise in providing caravan and holiday home insurance in the Republic of Ireland and have been in the business since 1996, so you can be sure of their experience. Roger Blythman and Associates Ltd is another possibility, being based in Dublin and providing insurance for caravans and mobile homes for people throughout Ireland.

Aviva is one of the few well-known insurance companies that will insure you and your caravan no matter where you are, with the Republic of Ireland being in their territorial limits. The AA will also be able to accommodate, so if you’d rather go for big names that you know you can trust you shouldn’t have a problem.

But, whichever company you go for (and there are sure to be other possibilities) it’s important to check their area limitations. If you want to take your caravan to the UK you need to see whether it’s included as standard or whether you’ll be using part of your designated EU days, while some insurers require you to let them know in advance when you’ll be travelling so always remember to check.

So, although it can initially seem difficult to find caravan insurance Ireland, if you know where to look and spend the time to do your research you should be able to find plenty of insurers that can accommodate. Once you’re fully covered you can get on the road in confidence, so always have a look and get the cover that you need.

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