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Caravan Holiday Home Insurance

With the popularity of “staycationing” sweeping the nation, more caravans are being bought and used than ever before. In the midst of the recession people are shunning foreign holidays and are choosing destinations that are closer to home instead, and if you’re thinking of investing in a holiday home having adequate caravan holiday home insurance is more important than ever.

Your caravan is bound to get more use during these difficult times. You could well decide to have several holidays a year just to get away from it all, and because you’ve already made the initial investment the subsequent outlays will be minimal. It gives you the perfect opportunity to escape, and what could be better than a spur of the moment trip?

Then there’s the possibility of renting your caravan out when you’re not using it. You’re bound to be booked up during the holiday season and beyond, with people across the country clamouring to get their hands on an appropriate holiday home for their trip. Not only does this mean additional income but it also means that your caravan isn’t left unmanned for too long, but all of these things add up to mean that you also need to have adequate insurance in place.

Because your caravan is getting so much more use than normal you’ll need to have proper cover at all times. The risk of the interior becoming damaged increases the more time you spend there, even more so if you’re renting it out, and this means you need to have an incredibly comprehensive level of cover to ensure everything’s properly taken care of.

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing though – yes, you’re probably paying more for your insurance premiums than normal but think of the money you’re saving on holidays! It all adds up to being incredibly worthwhile, particularly if you’re getting a rental income as well, so always have adequate caravan holiday home insurance and you can enjoy it without having to worry.


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