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Burglary up by 14% and expected to rise

Domestic burglaries have risen by 14%, according to new statistics from the Home Office.

Worryingly, it is also widely expected that burglaries will continue to become more frequent due to the warm weather leading people to spend more time in their gardens and leave windows open.

According to home insurer Ageas almost half (47%) of adults do not keep their front doors locked when they are at home and 13% only lock their front door during the night.

Managing Director Mark Cliff said that the notion few burglaries happen when the home is occupied is nonsense, and that some imprudent homeowners leave themselves open to opportunistic burglars who take advantage of open windows and unlocked doors.

Recently, AXA Insurance warned of a surge in burglary during the forthcoming Royal Wedding, which is expected to see 40% of people out of the house and 21% enjoying a party at home.

Unfortunately, burglars have an eye for such occasions, including New Year’s Eve and Guy Fawkes Night, which tend to see spikes in burglary.


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