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Auto Insurance Companies Bringing Value

According to the article “7 Desirable Auto Car Insurance Companies” by Matthew Keegan on, the insurance commissioner in any given state authorizes who can write auto insurance policies.  The article discusses 7 auto insurance companies that have a national presence with excellent reputations and competitive prices.

The companies discussed in the article include State Farm, Allstate, Government Employees Insurance Company, Progressive, USAA, Liberty Mutual and Nationwide Insurance.  All of these companies are well known and provide an array of benefits.  Having auto insurance is required in most states and important to have in case you are in an accident.

When you do decide to shop around with these or other companies, be sure you are obtaining quotes based on comparable coverage to ensure your comparison is fair.  Most auto insurance companies review your credit as part of determining your rate, so it’s a good idea to pull your credit report and have a good understanding of where you stand.

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