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AL Politician Proposes New Car Insurance Law

There are thousands of people who drive their cars on the road without them being insured with car insurance. These drivers pose a physical and financial threat to the other motorists that are driving on the road. In an accident, many uninsured motorists flee the accidents scene if they can. They do not want to get into trouble or be held liable for damages especially if their negligence caused the car accident to begin with.

Now, a politician from the state of Alabama is trying to do something about uninsured drivers in his state. The man is named Arthur Orr and he is a republican who represents Decatur. He wants to enact a new law that would create a database for cops and other officials that would reveal if a person is currently uninsured. This action would help the state immensely. The state has had a problem with its mandatory car insurance law for years that was enacted in 2001. Many people buy car insurance to get a card stating that they have coverage and then decide to terminate their car insurance policies. Then, when they are pulled over they pull out the insurance card and show police officers and other officials even though they are currently uninsured.

Gaming the system this way is currently not illegal in the state of Alabama and it has caused many problems. Many drivers get involved in car accidents while uninsured, they then pull out the card after an accident has occurred so that the other driver believes that they are in fact currently insured with car insurance coverage. Then, when the driver goes to file an insurance claim with their insurance company they find out the horrible news that the person who caused the accident was uninsured. This means that the driver will have to try and get compensation from the person who hit the through the legal system. This can take years to accomplish through the court system.

According to statistics, approximately one quarter of the licensed motor vehicle operators in the state are currently driving vehicles that are uninsured. By having law enforcement officials get alerted if a person is uninsured then the number of people that are currently uninsured would drop significantly.

Car insurance is not that expensive but many drivers will try to cut corners to avoid having to pay for the coverage even though it is mandatory according to the state’s law. Most people pay around one hundred dollars per month to have car insurance. It seems like such a bad financial decision for many uninsured motorists because being involved in an accident while uninsured can cost people thousands of dollars.

Any other states have enacted similar laws to this one. In thirty four states there are laws that allow police officers to get notification through computers and electronic means to find uninsured drivers. When Alabama residents hear that this will most likely happen then they will be more likely to be afraid of getting substantial fines and will become insured with car insurance.

It is important for Alabama residents to understand the topic of social responsibility. Most people are selfish when they choose to go without car insurance coverage. People would rather buy laptops, Ipods, and cell phones than actually insure their cars. It has become a very unfair situation for those drivers that actually follow the state’s mandatory car insurance laws. They have to pick up the check for these accidents even though the law says that everyone has to be insured. Having every driver become insured would lower the costs for everyone which is great for the state’s economy and everyone’s bottom line.

Source: WHNT

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