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Advantages Of A Property Management Software

Are you looking for software that will solve all your Property management needs? The new web based property management software is a system that will not only save you time but give you a perfect platform to manage your portfolio with ease. Here are some of its salient features.

Instant access to your tenant credit and criminal background check. Maintain records of all your tenant payments and charges. A centralized system for tracking the maintenance jobs. An efficient accounting system at your fingertips and a lot more.

The first consideration when choosing software is that it should be quite easy to use. Buildium has a variety of software options and does not require installation or downloads. You only need to log into the website and conduct your business online. It is so easy to use that you do not need any training .

One also needs to pay attention to security when it comes to property management program. Buildium understands the security needs of a customer and offers state of the art security. When you are looking for software, you need to find one that is tailor-made for your needs and also provides value for money. Some brands offer a 15 day free trial offer, so just go ahead and give it a try.

There are some different editions of softwares offered by Buildium. Landlord Edition, if you are a landlord managing one or more rental properties. It records income and expenses and accept rents online.

A Property Manager Edition is suited for a manager who manages rental properties or a board member or a trustee in a self managed property. It maintains accounting records for each property receive maintenance requests and generate work orders.

And the Association Edition is for someone in a homeowners association. It enables you to give online access to your tenants. Most customers sign up for the Property manager Edition and association edition online, from the website itself. The process is safe and secure.

It takes a day to set it up and customize your software. You can store your data is stored in a secured environment that is encrypted via the SSL. It has keycard protocols and biometric scanning protocols and also surveillance monitor. The price for this software is a low monthly fee based on number of units that one has. It also includes free technical support and software updates.

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