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36 percent car insurance customers break the speed limits

Due to increasing car insurance premiums, a number of motorists have resorted to fraudulent practices and uninsured driving on the roads in the UK. It is important to carefully compare car insurance quotes and select the best deal. Even after you have purchased a car insurance policy for your vehicle, it will require a certain level of care and caution. Responsible and careful driving is necessary if you want to be away from the unnecessary hassles of making claims from the insurance company.

In a recent survey conducted by a road safety charity and a leading car insurance provider together has revealed some disturbing figures. The study says that more than one third of the drivers violate the speed limit of 30 mph.

About 36 percent of the surveyed population of drivers admitted that they violate the speed limits at least once in a week. About 72 percent of the motorists have violated the speed limit of 30 mph during the last year.

On rural roads, the speed limit increases to 60 mph. About 51 percent of the surveyed motorists admitted that they have broken this limit during the last year. About 20 per cent of the drivers admitted breaking this limit once in a week at least. These results have come as an alarm bell.

By maintaining the speed limits on the roads, a driver not only saves his life but also the life of others on the roads. It is important for the drivers to watch the speed limits on the roads for the sake of their lives. In addition, this careful and responsible driving can also help in avoiding unnecessary claims and keeping your no-claims discount safe. The safer you are behind the wheels on the roads, the better are your chances to get a discount on your next renewal of the car insurance policy.

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