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The Next Generation

Everyone knows that cars have become more computerised over the last decade. In fact, the computer processing power in an average car is now considerably greater than the computers on board the original Apollo missions that took man to the moon.

Not everyone may be altogether comfortable with the idea of your car telling you how to be a better drive, but there are already half a dozen models on the road that will do exactly that, as well as offering you other useful pieces of information such as traffic conditions, road conditions, what sort of suspension you should have, when you should change gear to be more fuel efficient and a host of others.

The end aim of all of this is to make us a nation of better, more fuel efficient, drivers. For example, studies already completed using information gathered from the latest generation of cars has found that the British are the most fuel efficient drivers whilst the Spanish are the least fuel efficient and the Spanish transport network is the most tangled.

One slightly concerning aspect of this information is that it is transmitted from your car to the car manufacturers on a day to day basis, so how well you are driving, and how long your average journey is all being collected, regardless of whether you want it to or not.

However, there is one major upside of this technology which may mean that these new computerised cars are adopted quickly and with only a handful of complaints. Even in addition to telling you how to drive to save fuel, the car could also significantly reduce the amount that you have to pay in car insurance.

Being able to accurately track your average journey distance, your average speed, and generally how well you drive gives you the opportunity to directly connect the insurance company to your data, proving that you are safer than they might otherwise think you are depending on your demographic. Additionally, the car will be able to map things like ‘Give Way’ signs, that could prove whether you are culpable, or not, for an accident, making processing insurance claims a lot easier.

So far this sort of technology is very much in trial stage and big car insurance providers like Santander are yet to implement it fully. However, with the launch of several new brands of electric vehicles next year, we’re only a few months away from a computer revolution on our roads.?

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