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The Automobile Insurance For You

Cars break down sometimes. It’s a sad fact of life. And accompanying that fact is another one: you still need a car even when your personal car is out of commission. You don’t stop going to work just because you got in a wreck, right? So you get a temporary vehicle. But just because you’re driving something temporarily doesn’t make you any less likely to get into an accident again, now does it? That’s why you need short-term auto insurance for just those kinds of situations.

If you were to name them on your policy their specifics could end up in your record, and could affect your premium rating, but not with these short term policies.

Just like regular car insurance, temporary car insurance can be third party liability or comprehensive in coverage type. Third party liability will only cover damages caused by the driver to another person or to property. Comprehensive will take care of a wide variety of problems, such as fire damage, theft, damage from vanadalism, and damage from weather.

A temporary automobile insurance coverage or a short term auto insurance coverage gives you the same kind of coverage that your own automobile insurance policyowner provides but only for a specific number of days for which you will be using another automobile. Such a short term insurance coverage also works well when a temporary driver will be operating your automobile for a few days. Instead of naming the temporary driver in your existing automobile insurance policyowner, you can take out a short term policyowner so that the temporary driver?s specifics do not get in to your automobile insurance policyowner permanently plus do not affect your automobile insurance premium rating.

If you’re convinced that you need temporary insurance, but don’t know where to find it, try the internet. The fast-moving insurance industry has embraced the world wide web and all its tools with open arms. The result is that potential customers are free to browse a wide range of user-friendly sites that happily offer quotes and quote comparisons for no charge at all. Be sure to enter all your information accruately and honestly, though.

Quotes are calculated based on what you give them to calculate with, so if you give them bad info and end up taking a company up on a bad quote, it’s your fault and there could be legal repercussions later on down the line. Whether the insurance is temporary or long-term in nature, these sites can handle it and help you find what you need.

Even though you may feel as though you would be fine without this temporary coverage, just remember, accidents won?t wait until you have insurance. You would not want to be unprepared if something were to happen during this short time your normal auto insurance policy wouldn?t be in effect. The money you would spend without insurance far surpasses the amount you will spend to be insured on a short term car insurance policy, and gives you the peace of mind that you are covered no matter what car you are driving.
About the Author:
Graham McKenzie is the content syndication coordinator for, a leading South African Car Insurance portal.

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