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Progressive Takes Pay-as-You-Drive Program Nationwide

Progressive Insurance recently announced that it is now offering its Snapshot program to all states. The pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) program had been implemented in a few dozen states, most recently Florida, but now is available for all customers.

How Do Pay-as-You-Drive Programs Work?

If you’re not familiar with the Snapshot program, it is a pay-as-drive-option that judges your driving behaviors to determine how much you should be charged for your auto insurance. For Progressive’s program, drivers are asked to install a tracking device called an on-board diagnostic (OBD) port that records and sends driving data to the company.

After driving the car for 30 days with the device intact, the company is able to determine your driving habits. At

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The new and improved Embrace Wellness Rewards program

Since introducing the Embrace Wellness Rewards program in 2009, we’ve been loving the attention our Embraced pet parents have been giving it. Many people love the program and have given us lots of feedback on how to improve it, particularly increasing the limit and giving us a laundry list of items to add to it.

So, as part of our recent insurance product changes, we took the opportunity to make a few changes to the Wellness program as follows:

  • we have added nail trimming, anal gland expression, gastropexy, and umbilical hernia repair to the Wellness Rewards plan
  • we moved the dental cleanings out of the Wellness Rewards coverage into the new Dental Rewards coverage so the dental illness prevention and coverage were in one place (just like human dental coverage) – more details in a post coming later this week
  • in addition to the $200 Wellness Rewards coverage level, we now have Wellness Rewards Plus with a $400 limit.

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Today’s News: New Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions to Begin, Florida Auto Insurance Fraud Skyrockets and Gov’t Long-Term Care Program Already Doomed

Some relief may be on the way for those who suffer from preexisting conditions as the government has set up a new health insurance program that is to begin soon. In Florida, auto insurance fraud via intentional crashes has skyrocketed and the government plans to start a new program for those in need of long-term care, but there is a major glitch that could force its failure before it even begins.

New Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions to Begin

A new health insurance program is being launched by the Obama administration that will help Americans who are currently uninsured and also have pre-existing medical problems.

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Blair Rewards Program

Saving programs are beneficial for those who wish to save money on every purchasing they make. These kind of programs are really important to help you in term of financial crisis. The reward saving program requires some amount of money for the membership. However, it is worthy compared to the benefits offered. The reward saving program is mostly available online. One of the online reward saving programs is Blair rewards program.

Blair rewards program provides its members a variety of shopping benefits such as ticket purchases, travel discounts and upgrades, entertainment savings, discounts on cruises, and many more. The Blair rewards program is also beneficial for merchants to reach more customers.

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California Auto Insurance Quotes Lower With Special Program

California Auto Insurance quotes are lower if you qualify for a special program that can get you affordable auto insurance.  According to the article “State Program Helps Connect Drivers With Low-Cost Auto Insurance” by Steve E. Swenson found on says that the program offered in Kern County since 2006 is saving eligible drivers money.

The program is called The California Low Cost Auto Program and it offers coverage limits of $10,000 per person, $20,000 per accident, and $3,000 for property damage for as little as $254/year.  Quo

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