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Compare Static Caravan Insurance

Whenever you’re looking to invest in caravan insurance, you need to bear in mind one simple point – compare all the options. Performing adequate comparisons can mean the difference between having the cover that you’re looking for and being bitterly disappointed should the worst happen, so you always need to compare static caravan insurance policies if you want to be confident in your choice.

But just what do you need to be looking for when you’re comparing them? Because it’s for a static caravan your considerations will be slightly different than if it was a tourer. You need Read more…

Resedential Caravan Insurance

Sometimes, a static caravan can be more than just a holiday home ? it can be your year-round residence. If thats the case then adequate residential caravan insurance is absolutely essential, much like it is for traditional homes, and if youve got in place then you can enjoy your home with nothing to worry about.

As with all types of insurance, there are several levels of cover that you can consider. This will range from simple third party cover to something much more comprehensive, and it obviously depends on your own personal circumstances (and your budget) as to which one you go for.

Read more…

Caravan Insurance Online Quote

In todays fast-paced world, time really is money. People have less and less time to spare and are looking for quick-fix options in everything they do, not least when theyre searching for caravan insurance. Luckily, the internet has made it quicker and easier than ever before, allowing everyone to get a caravan insurance online quote without having to waste a minute of their time.

Most caravan insurers have an online presence, and many of them will have the option of giving their customers an online quote. But, it isnt always as simple as it first appears. A lot of online insurers have a call back option as a way of offering a quote, and that isnt always going to be the quickest way.

Read more…

Top tips for caravan insurance online

If you’re looking for caravan insurance online, here are a few useful tips.

  • Caravan insurance online is typically organised under the main caravan description types of statics, motorhomes, tourers etc.
  • Some sites may offer the capability to enter your details and to be able to see various offers from insurers. Such sites may save you time and effort.
  • You may find that some providers offers discounts for certain types of behaviour such as belonging to a caravan owners’ association or using additional security features on your caravan such as alarms. Alt

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The caravan insurance search

Searching for the right caravan is one thing, performing a caravan insurance search is something else.

The caravan type

Caravan insurance is typically divided by the classic generic caravan categories:

  • statics (caravans occupied for holiday purposes and typically semi-permanently located on a single site);
  • tourers;
  • trailer-tents;
  • motorhomes;
  • park homes (typically a permanently located dwelling on a licensed park home location, which you occupy permanently as your principle home);
  • caravan-campers (some insurers may treat these as a separate category, others may regard them as effectively motorhomes).

Your caravan insurance search will typically be through the category that applies to your particular caravan.

The variables

The cost of your caravan insurance protection will obviously vary upon a number of things but a few that may not be obvious might include:

  • how often you plan to take your mobile caravan overseas and for how long;
  • the types and varieties of security devices you have fitted;
  • where you park a mobile caravan when you’re not using it (if that’s just on a public road then your premiums will typically be higher);
  • whether or not your static is parked on a registered and secure site;
  • the ages and experience of any drivers of a mobile caravan (typically some insurers may enforce restrictions in those areas).

The requirements

Typically all insurance policies carry conditions. In Read more…

Caravan Insurance Ireland

Sometimes, finding caravan insurance Ireland can seem difficult. Although not as much of an issue now as it once was, some companies will still only insure caravan users in the UK and deem the Republic of Ireland to be included in their EU policy. As such it can sometimes be difficult for residents in the Republic of Ireland to find appropriate insurance, but there are some companies that will be able to accommodate.

Probably one of the biggest and most popular caravan insurers in Ireland is Rosgoill Properties and Insurances. They specialise in providing caravan and holiday home insurance in the Republic of Ireland and have been in the business since 1996, so you can be sure of their experience. Read more…

What is park home caravan insurance?

Park home caravan insurance is a form of insurance protection that applies to a special category of non-traditional dwelling.

If that sounds to be something of a clumsy definition, let’s explain why.

Static caravans and park homes

A static caravan typically conforms to certain expectations in terms of its insurance characteristics:

  • even if it has wheels and is theoretically mobile, it is typically semi-permanently secured and anchored at a single site;
  • it is used by the owners or their guests for a few weeks or months per year as a holiday home or weekend retreat etc.

A park home is typically quite different:

  • it is sited on a registered and council approved park home site;
  • it may be specially constructed and designated as a park home and typically can’t be seen as being mobile;
  • you inhabit it as your normal and permanent place of residence.

Why is this distinction important and lead to the need for specific park home caravan insurance?


Of course, some static caravans are equipped to very high standard in terms of their fixtures and fittings. The Read more…

Direct Caravan Insurance

Looking for caravan insurance can often be tricky. It’s an incredibly specialised area so can sometimes seem difficult to find, but if you know what you’re looking for it doesn’t have to be. If you head online and do your research you’ll have access to a whole range of different insurers and policy options, and any one of them will be able to give you direct caravan insurance with the minimum of hassle.

It’s always a good idea to look for sites that give you plenty of information regarding caravan insurance as well as being able to offer a great selection of quotes. This lets

Read more…

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