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Statement from iTravelInsured on the Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Travel insurance carriers release position statements when current events affect coverage.  The following is a position statement from iTravelInsured on the volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Travel Insurance Programs from iTravelInsured
Can Help Protect Against Trip Disruptions

(INDIANAPOLIS – APRIL 16, 2020) – Ash continues to cause disruption and travel chaos through many major European cities following the volcanic activity in Iceland. Additionally, the European air navigation agency stated that the air traffic delays will continue well into Saturday. iTravelInsured®, Inc. (iTI®), a travel insurance provider and program manager, has been assisting several of its customers troubled and affected by the delays.

“We have received many calls from concerned customers that are stuck as a result of this massive volcanic cloud of ash,” said Bill Dismore, Executive Vice President of iTI. “The volcano is a Natural Disaster and under an iTI program, if there is a complete cessation of services by a travel supplier (this includes an airline) as a result of a Natural Disaster, then coverage is provided for trip cancellationinterruption. Travel delay also provides a daily benefit for each 24 hour period the trip is delayed due to bad weather (for which the volcano also would qualify).”

The World Health Organization stated that Europeans should remain indoors if ash from the volcano starts raining down. According to the agency, there could be (although not certain) potential health risks should this happen – inhaled particles could create a heightened danger from those suffering from respiratory diseases.
Dismore further added, “A volcanic eruption is a pretty rare event, but you just don’t know what can happen when you are traveling. By offering programs that safeguard their clients´ travels, and provide them access to top-tier services and a 24 hour clinical staff experienced in medical management, travel agents can easily help their clients plan for an unexpected illness or injury, and provide peace of mind.”

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