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Pay-as-You-Go Finally Reaching Out to the Insurance Seekers

The rising fuel prices alongside the congestion charges have simultaneously fuelled the rise in the insurance premiums for vehicles across UK. Furthermore, the cues hint at further increase in the costs, which would make pay-as-you-go as the best possible step possible for the UK drivers. The pay-as-you-go method is something that most of the UK citizens are used to. People have been using this method for a number of purposes and it is high time that car insurances could also be clubbed with it. The question is however whether more of the UK driver would prefer the pay-as-you-go method.

As per a recent report, close to 46% of the UK driving population offer their support for the road pricing provided that it was coupled with the abolition or the decrease in the road tax. The poll also found that UK drivers would prefer a marginal decline in the fuel duties as well. With the increase in the number of driving population, it is seen that the road pricing could probably be the only solution for cutting the congestion. Some forms of the road pricing or pay-as-you-go are considered as good solutions and is shows that most of the motorists would benefit from it within the UK. If the situation within UK continues to stay as it is, road pricing may become the only plausible solution.

Furthermore experts have asked UK drivers to compare car insurance in order to land the best road pricing for themselves. It is seen that most of the drivers who opposed to the road pricing considering it as a tax, later altered their views when the benefits of pay-as-you-go pricing is explained to them. Furthermore, 58% of the poll participants showed that they would reconsider their driving if the road pricing systems could come with full force. On the contradictory, a miniscule one percent believed that it was an unnecessary intrusion in their privacy.

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