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Is it necessary to review car insurance coverage?

Leslie Rohdes: Annapolis : How can you compare auto insurance limits and is it necessary to review car inusrance coverage?

Compare auto insurance and review car insurance coverage

Response : Leslie, you might not know this but as on March 29th 2010 you will have to keep in mind the following news when you compare auto insurance limits or review car insurance. The Legislation of Annapolis has decided to increase the auto insurance coverage. Legislation has passed a bill as per which now, the policyholders to carry a minimum security of $30,000 for individuals and $60,000 for multiple drivers. When we compare auto insurance coverage presently compulsory are minimums of $20,000 and $40,000, which were kept in 1972. This was when the legislators made auto insurance mandatory.

Secondly when you review car insurance you will have to remember that the legislation has increased insurance premiums for nearly all 61,000 Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund customers passed the House this week over the objections of Republican lawmakers who called it a tax hike that benefits trial lawyers.

Presently MAIF reported 99 percent of all claims are settled within the existing policy limits.
If the bill becomes law, average premiums in Baltimore city would increase by 9.3 percent, or $174, to $2,035. In inner Prince George’s County, rates would go up by 8.2 percent, or $89, to $1,178, according to MAIF estimates. The bill, as well as a companion Senate version, will be heard Tuesday in the Senate Finance Committee.

Nearly 99 percent of MAIF policyholders have the minimum level of coverage. Premium revenues would increase by $8.1 million annually, according to the bill’s fiscal note. When the current minimums were set in 1972, average household income was $11,800 and gas cost 50 cents per gallon, he said.
The $20,000 minimum security would be equal to $101,600 in today’s dollars, said House Economic Matters Chairman Dereck E. Davis. This would increase the cost of auto insurance.

It is necessary to review car insurance coverage and compare auto insurance quotes online to get the maximum advantage from auto insurance after paying the minimum low auto insurance rate. It is necessary to review car insurance coverage since you need to have the optimum limits of coverage. If you have higher limits you could end up paying more on your auto insurance and if you have less you end up paying out of your pocket.

Now, as a customer the best thing for you to do is compare auto insurance quotes from the different general insurance companies and try to opt for the maximum discounts. In the present economic scenario it would be most advisable to review car insurance coverage and make sure that you have the right amount of coverage so that you do not face an economic problem at this time.

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