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Fewer Teens Believe Texting and Driving is as Dangerous Drinking and Driving

A new State Farm Insurance survey shows that many teens don’t believe texting while driving has as severe an impact on safety as drunk driving. The study, conducted for the insurer by Harris Interactive, shows just how lightly teenagers take the fatal consequences of this dangerous act.

Fewer Teens Believe Texting and Driving is Deadly

Several numbers in the study stood out regarding the ideas that teens have regarding the severity of texting and driving. While many seemed to believe that the act was dangerous, they still feel that drinking and driving is a much more dangerous act.

According to the figures, of the 14-17 year olds surveyed who intend to obtain or already have a driver’s license, only 36 percent strongly agree that if they regularly text and drive they could be killed in a collision eventually. Among the same teens, while 63 percent agreed that texting and driving could result in an accident, 78 percent agreed that drinking and driving could do the same.

Education is Key

The State Farm study found that a huge reason for the belief that drinking and driving is inherently more dangerous than texting and driving is that there is a lack of awareness for the latter. Programs have been in existence for decades dedicated to teaching the dangers of drinking and driving, but with texting being a relatively new concept, many think that the act can be better managed.

There are definitely consequences for texting and driving, not just for the driver’s auto insurance rates, but also the personal safety of everyone on the roads. Luckily, more and more programs like “X the Txt”, along with bans nationwide and more laws to come are helping to create more awareness.

Parents have an obligation to teach their teens what it means to be fully responsible behind the wheel. With the right encouragement–and consequences for not following the rules–you’re sure to send a teen out on the road who is aware, responsible and dedicated to setting the cell phone down while driving.

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